My favourite Film Director – Ken Loach.

Ken Loachgg

Ken is my favourite film director not because he has made the greatest films I have ever enjoyed, he hasn’t, but because of his humanity and consistency. His social realism is always important. He is always true to himself. He is a man who raises your awareness and forces you to think about issues. To do that in an entertaining manner is genius.

Ken is a man you can trust to have the right sensitivities and to put that into a film with heart and interest.

At the beginning we had the brilliance of Kes, Up the Junction and Poor Cow,

His Palm d’or winner – The Wind that Shakes the Barley was the best portrayal of the Irish situation ever captured on celluloid.

A look at the films I have greatly enjoyed such as:


Bread and Roses

My Name is Joe

Carla’s Song

Raining Stones

The Navigators

demonstrates the wide range of Ken’s social interest. If there is injustice Ken is there to highlight it.

I love his films and I love the man.

We need more people who are prepared to stand up and speak their mind, to highlight injustice and try to make the world a better place.

Ken has always done that. He has put his actions where his mouth was and become politically active in many arenas. I respect that.

He has integrity.

Ken is not a man who wanted to make great films, win lots of acclaim and make lots of money. He could have done all that if he wanted.

He is a man who wanted to make things better and who stood up for his principles – that was more important.

Ken is one of my heroes!

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