Review – The Old Oak – Ken Loach

Just been to see The Old Oak – what might be Ken Loach’s last film.

It’s a fabulous film and an indictment of the elitism in Britain. Despite being one of the wealthiest countries in the world we have millions living in abject poverty while greedy bastards like Johnson and Sunak cream off their millions.

This moving film portrays a poverty-stricken ex-mining town in the north of England. Thrown on the scrapheap by Thatcher in her war against unions. The once proud, thriving town is now hopelessly decaying.

Poor refugees fleeing terror and war in Syria are moved in and set in motion a series of events. Loach specialises in realism. In this the racism of the community is directed at the families as they direct their frustration and fury down at the poor frightened families instead of up at the people who are really responsible.

The action all centres around the struggling pub – The Old Oak – the compassionate landlord and a Syrian woman photographer.

It’s all too real!

THE OLD OAK – Official Trailer – Directed by Ken Loach – YouTube

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