Elvis Presley – His grave at Graceland

This guy changed music. So sad that he didn’t stick with that 1954/6 revolutionary style and opted to become a pop star.


Photography – Elvis Statue on Beale Street – Memphis

Photography – Elvis Statue on Beale Street – Memphis


Beale Street was where it all happened – Blues R&B and Rockabilly. It was the Black part of Town. Most of it has been pulled down and redone. It was a very dangerous area with prostitutes, gambling, dancing, gangsters, drugs and lots of knifings and shootings. Life was cheap. But it was the place to hang out where the music was hot, there was wild dancing and plenty of booze.

It’s a bit of a tourist trap now and has been cleaned up. But there is still a lot of loud music and booze and I’m sure you could get yourself shot if you tried.

ADSC_0275 ADSC_0279

This is the Elvis I love – the Hillbilly Cat. ADSC_0280 ADSC_0281 I don’t go for that later period with the glitzy rhinestone. I think he rapidly became a parody of himself.

Photography and story – Elvis Presley – Graceland – The Jungle Room

Photography and story – Elvis Presley – Graceland – The Jungle Room


The end wall was a waterfall feature

ADSC_0381 ADSC_0383 ADSC_0384

The story

One day Vernon came home and told Elvis about this horrendous tacky furniture he had seen in a department store. It was Hawaiian with dreadful carving of heads and faces. There were big pieces of furniture -very imposing and ugly.  He thought they were the worst thing he’d ever seen and could not believe they had it for sale.

Elvis waited for Vernon to go to bed and rang up the store owner. He arranged for the furniture to be delivered and arranged in the room.

The next morning Vernon came down to find the Jungle Room set up with all that garish furniture.

Elvis had a sense of humour.

They grew to like it and Elvis had the waterfall put in. They called it the Jungle room and he often used to sit in their and jam with his band.


Photography – Elvis Presley – Graceland – Memphis

Photography – Elvis Presley – Graceland – Memphis


Graceland in Memphis


Stained glass peacocks

ADSC_0357 ADSC_0373

The TV Room with six sets


The snooker room


The Jungle Room (There’s a story here!)


Vernon’s Office


The Trophy corridor and room with Gold Discs and Elvis costumes


Vernon’s Grave


Elvis’s grave

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