Today’s Music to Blow My Mind – Howlin’ Wolf

I felt like a slice of Blues today!! Can’t get much better than Howlin’ Wolf!

Howlin’ Wolf – How Many More Years – YouTube

Howlin’ Wolf – Back Door Man – YouTube

Howlin’ Wolf – Wang Dang Doodle – YouTube

Howlin’ Wolf – Spoonful [1960] – YouTube

Could have chosen a couple of dozen outstanding tracks!

Natchez Burning – The terrible fire in Natchez Mississippi that killed 209 people.

Travel and Photography. Howlin’ Wolf and Blues.

I had only heard about the terrible fire from the Howlin’ Wolf record which I first heard as a teenager. I never thought I would actually get to visit the site and see where the tragedy had happened. It was a song; then suddenly, it was real. I was actually standing at the site that had elicited that song. All that was left was a slab of concrete.

Here’s Howlin’ Wolf’s poignant song. Takes me back to my fourteen-year-old self.

The Natchez Burning – YouTube

Today’s Music to keep me IiiiNNnnssSAaAAAnNnnNEee – Howlin’ Wolf (For Kathy & Tobes) – Moanin’ In The Moonlight

One of the greats of Chicago Blues! A voice that would blast the roof off a cathedral. Hubert Sumlin’s divine guitar. A driving beat and mournful tales of love lost and infidelity.

Sam Philips rated him as the biggest talent he had discovered.

What more could you want?