Opher Goodwin – An interview with the Author – Opher interviews Opher

Opher Goodwin – An interview with the Author – Opher interviews Opher

This was a bit of fun I did a few years back!

‘Good morning Opher, how are you?’

‘I’m fine, thank you, Opher. Good of you to ask.’

‘There are a lot of people out there interested in knowing what makes you tick.’


‘Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about yourself and your writing?’

‘No. Not at all. Fire away. Opher Goodwin is my favourite topic of conversation.’

‘How long have you been writing?’

‘I’ve been writing for nearly fifty years. I actually started writing seriously in 1969.’

‘So technically that is only 47 years, isn’t it?’

‘Yes, but sometimes I write very fast and pack a couple of years into one.’

‘So how many books have you written?’

‘I’ve actually written 58.’

‘You have 58 books published?’

‘No. I have only published thirty four so far.’

‘Why not the others?’

‘Give me time – I’m getting there.’

‘So why aren’t you on the best sellers lists?’

‘I don’t write blockbusters. I write from the heart. I write with passion and I do not always follow convention. Some of my novels are quite mainstream but some are very unconventional. I tend to write exactly what I like and not tailor it for a market or commercial interests. I’m not writing for money or fame. My books cover many different genres. I’m a maverick alternative writer.’

‘So why do you not take all the good advice and settle for producing a few books in a particular genre and set about properly publishing and marketing them so that you become known and sell a lot more?’

‘Because I don’t want to. I like writing what I like to write, when I like to write it and how I like to write it. I don’t like constraints. That’s like imprisoning my creativity.’

‘But you’d like to sell a lot more?’

‘I would like my books to be read. There’s a difference.’

‘So what are all these genres?’

‘My main two are Rock Music and the Sixties and Sci-Fi, but I do Beat poetry, experimental novels, antitheist novels, environmental books, education, art, and even travel. A lot of them come straight out of my own experience.’

‘Why aren’t you more successful?’

‘I think having all these books confuses people. They don’t know which one to go for. They do not know that I have been writing for so long and think I go for quantity and not quality.’

‘So what are the basic themes of your books?

‘The environment runs through most of them. I love animals and science. I’m a biologist. I despair at the destruction of the natural world by our burgeoning population and the lack of interest from our greedy, narrow-minded politicians. Then there is the love of loud Rock music and the ideals of the sixties and fifties. The alternative cultures of the Beats and Hippies. Also the power of education to overcome fascism and fundamentalism.’

‘You seem to have a thing about religion?’

‘Yes I do. I cannot understand why the whole world is in thrall to one of three medieval Middle Eastern cults. I do not deny that there are some great stories and good advice in those old writings but there is also so appalling intolerant and violent garbage. It boggles me that they can be claimed to be the exact word of god. I believe that religion has been used by powerful men to bolster their power; it has been used to create division and hatred. What was it about the writing of three Arab clans from a small area in the Middle East that has created such turmoil and ferment?’

‘But what about all the good religion does?’

‘The evil, intolerance and hatred outweighs all the good – we’d be better off without any of it.’

‘And the environment?’

‘We are trashing it. We are killing everything. In my life-time the teeming herds are being wiped out. The forests cleared and the insects decimated. All in the name of progress. For a fast buck. We have to stop!’

‘You sound like an angry man.’

‘I am angry. I hate what we are doing to the world. I hate the war, poverty and wanton destruction. I hate the cruelty thoughtlessness and greed. I hate the inequality, racism, sexism and disparity between rich and poor. We can solve all the problems overnight if we didn’t keep electing corrupt megalomaniacs to run the show.’

‘Do you think your writing will help solve all that?’

‘It’s all I can do. I write. There are millions of us out there who think like me. Together, through the web, we can make a difference. We can build a better zeitgeist and change the world for the better.’

‘Well thank you for being so candid.’

‘It’s always easy when you know what the questions are and they are tailored to the answers.’

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Poetry – Embracing Science – a poem about fundamentalism

Poetry – Embracing Science – a poem about fundamentalism

Embracing Science


A fundamentalist is a person who sees everything in black and white. Every word is fixed. It has been written. It must be obeyed.

There is no nuance.

There is nothing to discuss.

Black and white. No doubt. For a chosen people.

Rejecting all other interpretation. Picking and choosing the texts that suit.

Of the thousands of faiths followed by mankind they adhere to one and reject all else.

A seat of intolerance. A message of division. A cause of hatred.

Yet the world is not black and white.

The world is full of colour, wonder and awe.



Embracing Science


We embrace science –

The Kalashnikov

Explosive vest

And the IED.


There is no latitude

Or room for doubt,

Or tolerance

Of any kind;

For it is written.


We reject the Hadron Collider,


And the microscope.


We pick and choose

On our trip

Into the past.


What use for the Richter scale?

Or vaccination?

When all is God’s will.


Opher 18.5.2016

Who Am I?

I am a prolific writer of Science Fiction, Rock Music and alternative style semi-autobiographical books and fiction. I have written 60 books. If you’re looking for something different then you have found it! Just buy one from Amazon and see!


My influences include Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, Captain Beefheart, Allen Ginsberg, Christopher Hitchins, Roy Harper, Bob Dylan, Margaret Atwood, Woody Guthrie and Kurt Vonnegut Jnr.


I was born in 1949 in the Thames Delta in the deep South outside London. I grew up in the 1960s and was thoroughly immersed in the London scene and counter-culture. I was a student through all those heady days and lapped up the idealism and optimism of the times. We knew we were changing the world and bringing new sensibilities to bear. Those were the days that spawned feminism, the green movement, anti-capitalism and civil rights.


I was there through the whole gamut of Rock Music. As a kid I heard Little Richard on the radio and then there was the Beatles, Psychedelia and the London Underground, Acid Rock and the West Coast alternative culture, IT, OZ and a thriving Rock scene and cultural tsunami.


I got to see most of the important acts – Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Cream, Roy Harper, Captain Beefheart, Country Joe & the Fish, Muddy Waters, Pink Floyd, Son House and Bo Diddley – and hosts of others. I went to all the big festivals and events.


The 1960s counter-culture was not a fashion statement; it was a way of life. It looked at the boring establishment, the old-boys network, the stereotypical attire, the joyless lack of creativity, the conventions, religion, politics, blatant selfish greed, exploitation, inherent racism and sexism and looked to create something better. I was part of it.


We stood up for our ideals – the anti-war movement, liberation of sex, and the bringing of freedom and colour into a drab 1950s post-war society.


Then came Punk and the music went on and on and on……


On a creative front, having discovered that despite my passion, I have no talent for music, I went into the realm of writing.


In the 1970s the energy and creativity dropped out of the counter-culture. Earning a living loomed and I went into teaching where I stayed true to my ideals. I extolled the virtues of fun, freedom and the joy of creativity. I brought a bit of colour into the profession and did things my way. I must have been successful because I rose up to Headteacher and my school became one of the best in the country. It’s Open, Caring, Friendly ethos was mine and I proved it worked. If you treated young people respectfully and made learning fun everything would work. It did.


During the course of my teaching career I built up a large number of books. I wrote whatever took my fancy. I never wrote for financial gain or to get famous; I wrote what I was interested in, moved by or felt the urge to do. I produced Sci-Fi to alternative fiction and Rock biography and history – whatever I enjoyed. I always harboured a desire to make a living out of writing but was always more than content to be a teacher.


To be a teacher is a privilege. A teacher is the equivalent of the tribes shaman; the holder of wisdom, dispenser of knowledge. I was happy with that.


On the family front I fell in love when I was eighteen and married in a great event in the woods in 1971. We have been together ever since and have four very dynamic, individualistic and vibrant kids who are changing the world in their own ways. They fill me with great love and hope for the future. My five grandchildren are growing up and are enthusiastic, loving citizens of the world.


I believe in equality, tolerance, justice and freedom. I respect other people’s points of view and do not expect people to share the same beliefs as me. I work in my own way to produce a positive zeitgeist and would like to live in a world where there is harmony between people and respect for the environment.


I deplore violence, fanaticism, war, coercion and intolerance.


I love smiles, love, argument and beauty in all its many forms.


I am enraged and saddened by what we are doing to the natural world through the pressure of our numbers, pollution and destruction of habitat. I am saddened that so many simply do not care about the destruction of nature that is going on around the world and, for political reasons, deny what is so obviously taking place.


I want to see a compassionate society where the weak, the ill and needy are cared for.


I want to see a more equal society that looks after everybody. Where someone who is ill can get treatment, someone who is starving can get food, someone who is old is looked after and someone who is homeless is housed.


I now live in the North of England and continue writing and doing my bit to change the Zeitgeist.


I do not want to see a greedy, selfish society based on privilege – where the wealthy run things for their own benefit and many are left in desperation.

Birthday quote – Ian Dury

‘All I want for my birthday is another birthday’ – Ian Dury.


Well sadly Ian finally didn’t get one. Like all of us they eventually run out. Life that seemed to stretch off into the distance forever finally has an horizon.

Well that makes me want to life it all the more, extract every last bit of juice, fun, excitement, flavour, sight, pleasure and understanding.

Life’s for living! It’s measured in seconds. Fill it with love and excitement!

Do stuff!

Make the world a happier place and be happy!

Opher interviews Author Opher pt. 3


Q – So tell me Opher are all your books full of boring diatribe because you are set on saving the world?

A – Oh no! I have a head full of ideas. Creativity is about producing things that are beautiful, fun and stimulating. I write books that are easy to read. They are informative, thought provoking, but above all – readable. I want people to enjoy my writing.

Q – You write a lot of Sci-Fi – why’s that?

A – Because I like the freedom of the genre. It has no limits. I love the idea of infinity – both in space and inside my own head. I find that I can play with my ideas in a Sci-Fi novel – it unfetters me!

Q – Most people think od Sci-Fi as being all Starwars adventure and rather trivial. It’s not to be taken seriously.

A – I think Iain Banks and Kurt Vonnegut jnr would dispute that if they were still alive. Sci-Fi doesn’t have to be fantasy or silly. It can be an exploration of the human condition, a peek into the future, or a view of the awe and wonder of possibility. Good Sc-Fi – as with George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, John Wyndam, Arthur C Clarke, Asimov, Philip K Dick and Robert Sheckley transcends genre.

Q – So when are you going to break through and become famous?

A – Soon. I’m still writing madly. Soon I will start to market. I want a readership! I don’t want wealth and fame!