Opher Goodwin – An interview with the Author – Opher interviews Opher

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‘Good morning Opher, how are you?’

‘I’m fine, thank you, Opher. Good of you to ask.’

‘There are a lot of people out there interested in knowing what makes you tick.’


‘Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about yourself and your writing?’

‘No. Not at all. Fire away. Opher Goodwin is my favourite topic of conversation.’

‘How long have you been writing?’

‘I’ve been writing for nearly fifty years. I actually started writing seriously in 1969.’

‘So technically that is only 47 years, isn’t it?’

‘Yes, but sometimes I write very fast and pack a couple of years into one.’

‘So how many books have you written?’

‘I’ve actually written 58.’

‘You have 58 books published?’

‘No. I have only published thirty four so far.’

‘Why not the others?’

‘Give me time – I’m getting there.’

‘So why aren’t you on the best sellers lists?’

‘I don’t write blockbusters. I write from the heart. I write with passion and I do not always follow convention. Some of my novels are quite mainstream but some are very unconventional. I tend to write exactly what I like and not tailor it for a market or commercial interests. I’m not writing for money or fame. My books cover many different genres. I’m a maverick alternative writer.’

‘So why do you not take all the good advice and settle for producing a few books in a particular genre and set about properly publishing and marketing them so that you become known and sell a lot more?’

‘Because I don’t want to. I like writing what I like to write, when I like to write it and how I like to write it. I don’t like constraints. That’s like imprisoning my creativity.’

‘But you’d like to sell a lot more?’

‘I would like my books to be read. There’s a difference.’

‘So what are all these genres?’

‘My main two are Rock Music and the Sixties and Sci-Fi, but I do Beat poetry, experimental novels, antitheist novels, environmental books, education, art, and even travel. A lot of them come straight out of my own experience.’

‘Why aren’t you more successful?’

‘I think having all these books confuses people. They don’t know which one to go for. They do not know that I have been writing for so long and think I go for quantity and not quality.’

‘So what are the basic themes of your books?

‘The environment runs through most of them. I love animals and science. I’m a biologist. I despair at the destruction of the natural world by our burgeoning population and the lack of interest from our greedy, narrow-minded politicians. Then there is the love of loud Rock music and the ideals of the sixties and fifties. The alternative cultures of the Beats and Hippies. Also the power of education to overcome fascism and fundamentalism.’

‘You seem to have a thing about religion?’

‘Yes I do. I cannot understand why the whole world is in thrall to one of three medieval Middle Eastern cults. I do not deny that there are some great stories and good advice in those old writings but there is also so appalling intolerant and violent garbage. It boggles me that they can be claimed to be the exact word of god. I believe that religion has been used by powerful men to bolster their power; it has been used to create division and hatred. What was it about the writing of three Arab clans from a small area in the Middle East that has created such turmoil and ferment?’

‘But what about all the good religion does?’

‘The evil, intolerance and hatred outweighs all the good – we’d be better off without any of it.’

‘And the environment?’

‘We are trashing it. We are killing everything. In my life-time the teeming herds are being wiped out. The forests cleared and the insects decimated. All in the name of progress. For a fast buck. We have to stop!’

‘You sound like an angry man.’

‘I am angry. I hate what we are doing to the world. I hate the war, poverty and wanton destruction. I hate the cruelty thoughtlessness and greed. I hate the inequality, racism, sexism and disparity between rich and poor. We can solve all the problems overnight if we didn’t keep electing corrupt megalomaniacs to run the show.’

‘Do you think your writing will help solve all that?’

‘It’s all I can do. I write. There are millions of us out there who think like me. Together, through the web, we can make a difference. We can build a better zeitgeist and change the world for the better.’

‘Well thank you for being so candid.’

‘It’s always easy when you know what the questions are and they are tailored to the answers.’

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13 thoughts on “Opher Goodwin – An interview with the Author – Opher interviews Opher

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    1. Well Gastradamus. Thank you for commenting on my blog. You certainly have a high opinion of yourself and your influence.
      I’m not sure that your piece is particularly profound though and it’s peppered with spellos. We’ll see what everyone thinks.

      1. I wish you luck with your site. I personally like stuff with more relevance to the social, political, environmental, creative side of things.
        We’ll see what response your piece has.

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