Opher interviews Author Opher pt. 3


Q – So tell me Opher are all your books full of boring diatribe because you are set on saving the world?

A – Oh no! I have a head full of ideas. Creativity is about producing things that are beautiful, fun and stimulating. I write books that are easy to read. They are informative, thought provoking, but above all – readable. I want people to enjoy my writing.

Q – You write a lot of Sci-Fi – why’s that?

A – Because I like the freedom of the genre. It has no limits. I love the idea of infinity – both in space and inside my own head. I find that I can play with my ideas in a Sci-Fi novel – it unfetters me!

Q – Most people think od Sci-Fi as being all Starwars adventure and rather trivial. It’s not to be taken seriously.

A – I think Iain Banks and Kurt Vonnegut jnr would dispute that if they were still alive. Sci-Fi doesn’t have to be fantasy or silly. It can be an exploration of the human condition, a peek into the future, or a view of the awe and wonder of possibility. Good Sc-Fi – as with George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, John Wyndam, Arthur C Clarke, Asimov, Philip K Dick and Robert Sheckley transcends genre.

Q – So when are you going to break through and become famous?

A – Soon. I’m still writing madly. Soon I will start to market. I want a readership! I don’t want wealth and fame!

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