An attempt to lighten up!

It seems to me that what the world really needs is a lot more fun. Things have got far too serious. There should not be so much cruelty, hatred and sectarian violence. We should all lighten up and be peaceful, happy, helpful, loving and friendly.

For that reason I would like to propose that we all take a mandatory look, once a day, at George Carling. It should replace superfluous stuff like praying. Instead of pointless prayers to an invisible supernatural human construct we should take the time to lighten our minds, bring in a little mirth and have fun.

I suggest everyone should check out George Carling – ‘religion is bullshit’ and ‘the ten commandments’ on Youtube:

The ten commandments –

Religion is bullshit –

Then, having refreshed the spirit with a little light relief, we can get back to looking at Opher’s World and start considering all the shit that governments and religions don’t want us to think about. We can exercise our intelligence, turn on the brain, stop believing anything the government tells us, discount everything we read in newspapers and start trying to stop the destructive ravages of war, overpopulation, ecosystem destruction, poverty and religious hatred.

They are things that can be solved. We can create a better world. All the rhinos, elephants, whales, chimps, tigers and gorillas do not have to die. Let’s feel really good by making things better.

Opher’s World is about a better zeitgeist!