Time to get involved!!

We are living in the age of trivia and distraction. The majority of people have no interest in considering the real issues of live, death, eco-destruction, overpopulation, war, religion and poverty. That is precisely why these remain such big issues. If they were addressed they could be dealt with.

People prefer to be entertained, have fun and pretend it will all work out OK.

I have nothing against fun, entertainment and distraction. I’ve had more than my share of it. But what I contend is that there has to be a balance. If we don’t take care of the big issues, and leave them to the egocentric, sociopathic politicians, business and clergy, we should not be surprised when it all goes pear-shaped.

Our destinies are controlled by greedy, self-interested, power-seeking psychopaths. It is time we got involved.

It would be nice to live in cloud cuckoo land where gorillas, rhinos and elephants are not being poached, insects poisoned and forests decimated. It is only by raising awareness that this destruction can be reversed.

We do not live in cloud cuckoo land. I find travelling the world amply illustrates the degradation of our planet brought about by too many human beings.

We can put it right but pretending it is not happening is madness.