The Palestinian situation

From my perspective the Israeli’s were wrong to seize land and displace people whose families had lived there for hundreds of years. They are wrong to continue to expand and set up settlements in occupied territories in which they should not be. The justification that god gave them these lands and this is written in the bible is nonsense. I do not recognise the existence of any such god. As an atheist I do not believe in the existence of any such supernatural entity or the worth of the bible old testament as anything other than a fascinating collection of poetry, historical writing and religious ramblings of a minor middle eastern cult. The writings have many sources and authors. The people they came from were largely ignorant and superstitious. They cannot be used as justification for seizing land and callously displacing other people.

However – two wrongs do not make a right.

As the farmer famously said when asked directions ‘If I was going there I wouldn’t start from here.’

But we do have to start from here.

The Israeli State does exist and will continue to exist. As with most countries its conception was based in blood and crime but it breathes. It cannot be wiped off the map.

The wrongness of Israeli actions cannot justify equally abhorrent reactions. The continuing terrorism of the Palestinians is not just unhelpful; it is creating a worse problem. No sane person can justify firing rockets into civilian areas, sending indoctrinated suicide bombers into civilian markets, or kidnapping three innocent young boys and cruelly, callously and cynically murdering them in cold blood.

Two wrongs can never make a right.

The continuing situation has created vicious, heartless monsters out of people on both sides. Hatred has eaten away their humanity.

The only way forward is for both sides to stop the cycle of hatred and retaliation and reach a settlement in which the State of Israel is recognised, the expansion halted, the Palestinian people are allowed their own State and have adequate compensation and restitution. The alternative is to continue in a vitriolic cycle of violence and retaliation in which all are losers.

Surely it is time for this misery to end?

7 thoughts on “The Palestinian situation

  1. What Israel is doing to Palestine is a war crime, it is genocide. And Israel won’t stop until they get Gaza for themselves. And they will commit mass murder to get it. Palestine is defending itself. I am unbiased, I have never been to the region, but I canI hear about it on the radio and it’s quite clear to me.

    Imagine if your next door neighbour moves into your back yard and camps there, you might not be very happy might you. You might ask him to leave because he is trespassing. And if he doesn’t leave, you might have to call the police to move him for you. Unfortunately there is no police that the Palestinians can call on in their plight. That is why they send rockets, it is called self defence. Israel is a THORN in the side of the Palestinians. If you have a thorn in your side, you do what you can to extract it don’t you, or do you leave it alone so it can fester and eventually poison you?

    If they can impose sanctions on Russia and Ukraine on account of the Ukrainian atrocity, I wish we could all impose deep cutting and far reaching sanctions against Israel, until it stops, but they are never going to stop. They always have the same story.

    It is sad that money talks. Oh for a time when money doesn’t talk. And we can have justice throughout the world, based on the truth and the light.

    1. I agree with many of your points but there has to be a solution where both sides can exist side by side without conflict. Israel has to make reparation for the land it has stolen and the Palestinians have to accept the State of Israel.
      In my eyes no other outcome is possible. There have been atrocities on both sides.
      War does not solve any dispute. Only by getting around a table and processing things to create a workable compromise can there be any lasting resolution.
      The Palestinians need to be recognised, to have land and a free State.
      The Israelies need to have the same.
      The violence and hatred are unproductive and create fear and loathing on both sides.
      It needs to stop!

      1. Who made you Judge jury and prosecution your arrogant prick! Not your place to ignore the history of the Palestine mandate of Ottoman Greater Syria. Ottoman Greater Syria contained the countries of Iraq Jordan Syria Lebanon and Israel. The 4 Arab countries cut out of the Ottoman Greater Syria territory awarded to Arabs not Jews. You vile arrogant prick.

  2. I agree with you, but I think you will find that Israel is not interested in a lasting peace settlement.

  3. Your opening thesis statement – just an empty declaration. FACTS do not equal dumb ass declarations and slanders made by an ignorant Goy arrogant prick.

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