Poetry – To Impeach or not to Impeach

To Impeach or not to Impeach

To impeach or not to impeach, that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The blows and outrage of the storming of the Capitol,

To allow insurrection and a sea of troubles

Or by opposing end them.

To allow incitement and pretend to sleep,

Casting democracy aside,

Or speak out against the crime?

To hold morality dear or sell a soul for votes.

To condone the lies and support conspiracy

Or to tell the truth.

There’s the rub.

Self-interest or the truth?

Should one put self above reality?

Support violence and anarchy?

Or choose law and order to say we end

The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks

That flesh is heir to,

From a leader’s lust for power?

For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,

The oppressor’s wrongs,

The proud man’s arrogant denial,

His lies and deceit,

The law’s delay,

The insolence of office,

The unworthy leader’s surly unfounded claims.

And by condoning them

Destroy the base of democratic choice;

To condone the rule of the rabble,

To condone the lies of conspiracy

And allow history to charge us dear?

Or by speaking truth

To bring down the wrath of the mob

And face a dismal future

Out of office.

To destroy a system, fair and true,

Or put one’s fortunes first?

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all.

Opher and Shakespeare – 8.2.2021

It is evident that the Republicans have a huge moral choice.

It is obvious to all that Trump spent weeks inciting insurrection. He had

begun talking about the election being stolen long before the election. He was laying the groundwork to steal the election by force, to incite the mob to overturn the legal result and overthrow democracy.  He made unfounded claims of fraud and talked of ballot boxes stuffed with ballots for Biden without a shred of evidence.

It was all lies.

So do the Republicans deny the truth? Or do they support the lies and conspiracy of a fascist leader?

Do they put their own re-election before the truth, the future of democracy and the good of the nation.

Surely this is no partisan matter?

This is about the rule of truth, the rule of law and order and the force of the law to deal with a man who tried, by force, to stage a coup.

History will judge people harshly.

Bye Bye Donny an X-rated Farewell Song For Trump

Impeached for a second time, discredited, exposed and shamed. He tried to organise a coup to steal the Presidency. He incited mass insurrection —– and —— life his business empire ——– he failed.

Even the Republicans left with some degree of integrity realise that he is a fascist piece of scum whose incompetence has led to hundreds of thousands of American deaths.

Goodbye Donny – we’ll miss you! We’ll miss the empowerment of Nazis and the lies! We’ll miss the racism, misogyny, hate and division!

Now we’ll have to see if the Republican senators have a shred of morality left!

Bye Bye Donny – A Farewell Song for Trump – YouTube

The Corona Diaries – Day 291

That’s what we need! Something to occupy our minds while we’re in Lockdown. Thank you Mr Trump.

For four years all of us who said that Trump was a fascist nutcase were tarred with suffering from TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome. Now it turns out we were right all along and his fanatical supporters were all suffering from TFBS – Trump Fascist Blindness Syndrome.

The final days of Trump have been entertaining and exceedingly worrying. For four years he has rampaged around doing immense damage.

He spread conspiracy theories while calling all the media fake news.

He undermined the whole political system calling them a Deep State conspiracy full of corruption while blatantly being the most corrupt President in history. Instead of draining the swamp he was filling his own swamp!

He took over the Republican Party filling it with extremist nutcases.

He took over America, condoning violence, racism and armed militia. Coming out with populist stupidity – walls, racist bans and threats to lock up the opposition.

He discredited science and experts, denied global warming and removed any environmental restrictions. He gave tax cuts to the wealthy (including himself), had temper tantrums like a spoilt brat, flouted all diplomacy, sucked up to despots and snubbed and ridiculed allies.

And still the Republicans supported him! Anyone who spoke out against the madness was suffering from TDS.

Now they finally see him for what he is – a populist fascist! A hate-filled fascist who has worked at the wound to create seething division.

TDS???? No TFBS!!!!

This guy still has his finger on the nuclear trigger. He can still send missiles in to Russia, China and Iran.

There’s a madman in control!!

He’ll probably flee the country now. It’s the only way he can avoid jail!

The irony of it – Lock Him Up!!! Lock Him Up!!!

He’s asking his advisors whether he can pardon himself. Can you pardon yourself for TREASON??? I don’t know.

He read a slimy hypocritical statement directly off his autocue – condemning the very people he had incited to violence. He turned on them and now says they will be jailed! He didn’t say whether he’s turn himself in though. But it’s good to hear that he’s going to ensure a smooth transition. I hope the bombsquad check the place out before Biden goes in. Min you, it’ll probably be a while – they’ll have to get the Whitehouse fumigated.

Anyway, it took my mind off Covid.

Instead of shaming America by showing the world how not to deliver democracy he might have been advised not to keep playing golf and plotting against America and to start addressing the virus. The USA had another 280,292 cases yesterday with a staggering 4112 deaths! All down to his watch!

In contrast New Zealand had no new cases and hasn’t had a single death for weeks!!

Mind you, we’re as bad. Our Trump-light Johnson (oh how Boris, Gove and Farage sucked up to Trump) is just as bad. We’ve had 52,618 new cases yesterday with 1,325 deaths. Per million that’s even worse than the USA – much worse. Our hospitals are crammed and beginning to fail. Not a good time to get ill!! Stay healthy!

Bolsonaro’s small flu soared to 87,843 new cases with 1,524 deaths.

Two arrogant, strutting fascists and a populist clown!!

The committee met yesterday and threw the blame at Johnson and his bunch of Eton failures for dithering, not acting quick enough and not being prepared! Let’s hope that they are properly held to account!

These three are all guilty!!

Johnson is promising that we’ll get our jab by mid-February – so I’m expecting it some time next November.

The good news is that a third vaccine has now been approved. The Moderna vaccine. Except it won’t be delivered until early summer.

The other bit of good news is that the existing vaccines work against the new strains.

The race is on to see if we can get everyone vaccinated before another strain mutates that the vaccine doesn’t work against.

We’ll see.

Will we get everyone vaccinated before Trump is sent to prison??

I don’t know – but it’s cheering me up in this interminable lockdown to think of him walking around in a prison yard, in prison garb, with a bunch of other prisoners – the BLM guys that he had locked up and his own supporters tht he whipped up into a frenzy and then stabbed in the back. I’m sure he’ll get a warm welcome and plenty of sex.

Stay safe!!