The Arrogant Insult that is Trump

One year ago today Trump tried everything in his power, legal and illegal, to steal an election. Over the course of a week he, as his family, encouraged armed resistance and instructed his followers to use force. He called a mass demonstration and orchestrated a march on the Capitol.

Safe within his bunker he watched the result, an insurrection, an attempted coup. He hoped that they would take the Capitol and sweep aside a lawful election result to crown him President so that he could continue to pillage the country. Not satisfied with the $1.6 billion he had already made out of his disastrous Presidency he wanted more. He loved the power.

Spreading lies and conspiracy was his stock in trade. Jumping on populist policies was his strategy. Allying himself to every extreme right-wing cause was his modus operandi. He backed walls against immigrants, guns for everyone, vilified Muslims, was anti-abortion, pro-evangelical and even supported the extreme white power movements. It was farcical. Here was an atheistic philandering lecher claiming the support of fanatical Christians.

His rise to power was on the back of division and hate the like of which will probably take generations to heal. He used race, religion and the constitution to sow fear and he reaped the rewards. Somehow this multi-billionaire playboy with what appeared to be links to the Russian Mafia was able to make working Americans believe he was on their side. He supported their jobs. He wanted to make America great again.

It’s totally beyond me as to why they believed him.

He undermined experts, undermined science, undermined the media and promoted fake news and conspiracy. It was to his advantage if Americans believed that Clinton was a baby-eating paedophile, if they believed Washington was a swamp run by alien lizards and that only he, Donal Trump, could expose the satanic paedophiles, oust the alien lizards and restore America.

He cosied up to Putin and Kim Jong-Un and yet vilified socialism.

Q-Anon was his biggest friend.

This devious, cynical sociopath made a fortune and despite the ridiculousness of his assertions, the stupidity of his schemes, the incompetence of his administration and the blatant immorality of him as a person, his followers could not get enough.

Somehow he appears to have got away with inciting a coup and making a series of blunders, lies and illegalities.

The man is an evil crook. He should be locked up along with the rest of his evil family.

What is wrong with America???

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