Downing Street Parties in 2020 – While the rest of us were in Lockdown!! Perhaps they can explain how this is not breaking Covid rules?? Dominic Cummings – where are you?? Still at Barnard Castle?

One Rule for Tories: One Rule for us!!

Large gatherings of Tory MPs and staff were held in Number 10 Downing Street while the rest of us were in strict lockdown and being fined if we breached the law. Seemingly the law does not apply to Tories – even though they made that law! These gatherings involved alcohol, nibbles and party games.

Our known liar of a Prime Minister merely states that no Covid restrictions were broken.

He’s a liar though, isn’t he?

Organising large gatherings was a £10,000 fine. Breaking quarantine was a £200 fine per individual. More than £1 million in fines have been handed out to London’s Covid-19 rule breakers by magistrates dealing with cases behind-closed-doors, ..

A number of parties were held in Downing Street in the run-up to Christmas last year while indoor mixing was banned in London under COVID restrictions

Following reports that a large party was held in late December, it has also emerged that Number 10 staff gathered after work and drank alcohol to wind down, despite rules stating that mixing between household bubbles was banned.

Perhaps they can explain how this is not breaking Covid rules??

The individuals at this party let their hair down with games, food and drink.

On 16 December, two days before the large Downing Street bash allegedly took place, London moved into Tier 3 restrictions, where all indoor mixing was banned unless individuals were in household bubbles.

19.12.2020 – this is what Johnson announced:

In England, those living in tier 4 areas should not mix with anyone outside their own household at Christmas, though support bubbles will remain in place for those at particular risk of loneliness or isolation.

Residents in those areas must stay at home, apart from limited exemptions set out in law. Non-essential retail, indoor gyms and leisure facilities, and personal care services must close. People must work from home if they can, but may travel to work if this is not possible, for example in the construction and manufacturing sectors. People should not enter or leave tier 4 areas, and tier 4 residents must not stay overnight away from home. Individuals can only meet one person from another household in an outdoor public space.

He failed to add – except for us Tories!

This is worse than what Dominic Cummings did!!

The Tory Christmas Party Scandal. IT’S WORSE THAN DOMINIC CUMMINGS!!!

. The Tory Christmas Party Scandal.


He broke the rules and drove to Barnard Castle with the stupid excuse of testing his eyes!!

Boris Johnson flouted the rules that he and his party had introduced and held festive drinks parties in Number 10 for hundreds!! This was at the time that they had brought in tough laws for US!! We got fined for having friends round for a party. We got fined for going too far from home!! We could not meet up with family. We could not travel. Sick relatives could not be visited and died alone in hospital wards. We had the police busting in on us, neighbours reporting us and drones filming dog walkers.

Yet the Tories were all getting together in No. 10 for drinks and party games!!

One rule for you – another for us!!

I think that is ten times worse than what Cummings did!!

Even Raab admits that a party at Downing Street would have broken the rules.

Johnson states that no rules were broken. How can that possibly be??? If they had a social gathering of any description they were breaking the rules. Alcohol and games. On two occasions!!! How can that not be breaking the rules!

There’s one word for it – LIAR!!!

The usual Johnson response to all the lies and sleaze is to ignore it, to refuse to go on TV, refuse to answer reporters, to never apologise or explain, just keep his head down and wait for it to blow over.

People have short memories. He counts on the stupid not remembering. He thinks he can arrogantly disregard it all. He thinks that they put it all down to ‘just Boris being Boris’. But it’s not, is it?

It’s deceit and indicative of the underlying arrogance that is the Tory manner. They feel entitled to do what they like. They get away with murder.

It’s like that arrogant profiteering toff Ree-Mogg said: Jacob Rees-Mogg says: a “convivial fraternal spirit” means the Conservatives do not need to wear masks in the House of Commons “We on this side know each other.” So the rest of us peasants have to wear masks but the Tories don’t!!

I don’t know about face masks but this is how the privileged pull the wool over the eyes of the ignorant!!

Now it remains to be seen as to whether the Tory Media with make anything of it!! Cummings was a major scandal resulting in his head rolling. This is worse!! Will the media call for action? Or will it be allowed to slide – like diarrhoea off a pane of glass?

We’ll see.

I’m not holding my breath.

This is the teflon man we are talking about here. He lies. He lies again, He breaks laws, He’s as sleazy as hell. He makes gaffe after gaffe and he gets forgiven – ‘It’s just Boris’.

Don’t be fooled. These Tories think they are superior to the rest of us oiks. They can fool us with their lies. A nasty bunch of liars and profiteers.

The Idiot Wind – by John Philips

The Idiot Wind

‘It’s a hard rain’s a gonna fa-a-a-all’

Dominic kicked the door shut and tossed the bundle of papers onto the table.

Michael looked up and smiled.

‘You’re sounding a bit chippa today Dom.’

‘Too damn right I am,’ Dominic smirked. ‘Two more of those civil service bastards have resigned. I tell you Mike I’m going to have the lot of them out before I’m done.’

‘Well done Dom,’ Michael nodded. ‘Yes the times they are a changing.’

Dominic chuckled ‘You’re down in the groove, Mikey baby. They’re gonna be ‘knockin’ on Heaven’s door.’ He glanced at his watch. ‘Where’s fatso? He said ten and it’s nearly ten past.’

Michael sniggered.

‘Something about a phone call, but I reckon he’s called in at number eleven. He’s got the hots for the new aide.’

‘You reckon? I’ll be your baby tonight eh? Figures. He’s never been able to keep it in his pants.’ He shook his head. ‘Anyway, when’s Pompeo’s bitch due back?’

‘Sometime tomorrow I think,’ Michael winced. ‘You want to be careful with all this name-calling Dom. You know what a temper our esteemed Foreign Secretary has.’

Dominic grinned. ‘If you think I’m scared of the Karate Kid you can think again. I know where the bodies are buried.’ He winked at Michael. ‘All of them.’

For a moment a shadow crossed Michael’s face but as he went to reply the door opened to reveal a familiar bulky figure who entered, ran his hand through his wild, blond hair and smiled.

‘What ho, how goes it chaps? Sorry I’m a bit late, but you know how it is; things to do, people to see.’

Dominic smirked ‘Honey just allow me one more chance to get along with you,’ he chanted.

Boris shook his head. ‘Still on with the Dylan theme, eh?’

‘But of course. It’ll be thunder on the mountain tonight, you hope?’

‘Of course not and anyway you ought to pack this Dylan lark up. ‘I’ve just seen Matt. It’s really freaking him out.’

Michael nodded. ‘He’s right Dom. Last night’s offering of ‘Only a Pawn in their Game’ really hit home. I thought he was going to cry. He’s sure he’s being set up to take the blame for the way the pandemic’s been mishandled.

Boris grinned. ‘First time he’s been right since I gave him the job.’ A look of self-satisfaction crossed his face. ‘His legacy is going to be…’ he paused for effect….. ‘Corona Corona.’

Dominic clapped his hands. ‘Nice one Boris. I’ll give you that one.’

Boris smirked. ‘Yes that’s the way it will be.’ He paused again. ‘When the deal goes down.’

Dominic sighed. ‘OK, OK, don’t milk it. Anyway, what are we doing here? Why have you called this meeting?’

Boris fiddled with his hair. ‘Well you see, there’s a couple of things have come up and I’m a bit worried about my ratings. I mean the pandemic and all this dying and stuff. It’s dropped me right down in the polls. I’m way behind Starmer at the moment.’

Dominic laughed. ‘Oh come on Boris. You’ve an eighty seat majority and people have short memories. Once this lot’s over, as far as the punters are concerned it will just be a case of ‘OK, so bad things happen but it could have been worse. Could have been me,’ and then they will move on. Plenty of other things for them to think about. Brexit. Immigration. That’s what it’s all about. Don’t forget – this is good old racist Britain – we’re on a winner there!’

‘Of course I’m right.’ Dominic leaned forward in his chair. ‘By the time ‘Malice in Wonderland’ has done her bit, you’ll be quids in.’ He smirked. ‘I Priti the poor immigrant,’ you know what I mean?’

Boris looked baffled. ‘Never heard that one before. Have you Mike?’

‘Can’t say that I have.’

Dominic grinned triumphantly. ‘John Wesley Harding’ 1967 or thereabouts. A classic.’

Boris beamed. ‘You know, I think you’re right Dom. I just wish this other problem was as simple.’

‘What other problem?’

‘Foreign Sec on the blower just now, reckons Trump’s going for it.’

‘Going for what?’

‘It’s this Chinese business Mike. Looks like it could be military action.’

‘You what? Against the Chinese?’

Boris nodded. ‘Raab reckons so; says the trade deal depends on it and we’ll be expected to send some troops.’

‘Sounds like Talkin’ World War III Blues.’

‘It’s not funny Dom.’

Dominic laughed. ‘All this even after we’ve flogged them the N.H.S.?’

‘Yes that’s what the Masters of War say.’ Boris scowled. ‘Look you’ve got me doing it now.’

Dominic sighed.

‘Calm down the pair of you. You’re worrying about nothing – Don’t think twice, it’s alright, so we lose a few hundred squaddies, so what?’

‘Oh c’mon Dom,’ Boris interrupted, ‘I don’t give a toss about the squaddies, but it’ll play havoc with my ratings.’

‘No way,’ Dom shook his head. ‘Listen and learn. Joe Public loves a good war, assuming he’s not personally involved of course. Look at Maggie and the Falklands. Best election manifesto ever, bar none.’ He turned to Michael. ‘I’m right aren’t I?’

Michael nodded thoughtfully.

‘You know Boris, I reckon Dom’s spot on.’

‘But what if we lose? I mean, it’s the Chinese. Even the Yanks can’t guarantee winning. The answer’s Blowing in the Wind.’

‘Don’t be stupid,’ Dominic thumped the table. ‘So we lose? So what? We lie. For goodness sake man, it’s what you’re good at. You claim victory. The press will back you up, well most of them anyway.’

Michael, face flushed with excitement, jumped to his feet. ‘Yes, and when it’s all over we have a nice big remembrance service. Bring in the Royal Family. God On Our Side, and all that.’ He smirked with inspiration. ‘Get Charlie on the job, bit of multifaith, Gods and so forth. The people will love it! It’s a winner Boris! Yes, definitely!’

Boris beamed and rose to his feet. ‘You know, I think you’re right. I feel lots better now. OK, I’m off, things to do. You know what I mean.’

Michael sneered – he was good at it. ‘Are you off to play hide the snake?’

Boris opened the door. ‘That’s for me to know and you to ponder, but don’t forget the motto.’ He grinned evilly. ‘It Ain’t Me Babe. See you Thursday morning. Nine o clock meeting. Cioa.’

Dominic stared after the rapidly retreating figure. ‘The Drifter’s Escape,’ he muttered, and turning to Michael. ‘What a prat!’

‘I know what you mean.’ Michael nodded. ‘Thinks he can get away with anything.’

Dominic grinned, ‘That’s what he thinks, but me and you know different, don’t we, Mikey baby? I’m off. Catch you later.’

He swaggered off down the corridor accompanied by a surprisingly tuneful rendition of ‘It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.’

Oven-Ready Brexit Deal – (Previously a great deal!) – a disaster – needs renegotiating!

Frost says that the deal, negotiated in good faith by both sides and agreed by both sides, is not working!! It needs renegotiating.

We chose to leave the Customs Union and Single Market. We knew what that meant. It means customs borders. It means tariffs. It means huge cost, slower movement, a reduction in trade, job losses and increased prices. It means employing huge numbers of customs officers. It means lots of red tape. It is a storm of bureaucracy.

We chose to put a border in Northern Ireland even though we knew it would create huge problems for Ireland.

We chose this – not Europe!

We chose to make trade harder, to make it cost more and to impose checks and tariffs. We chose that.

Lord Frost says it isn’t working. We said it wouldn’t before Johnson said it was oven-ready and a great deal. But then he’s a proven liar.

It was neither oven-ready nor a great deal.

But we voted for it and we signed it.

Too late now!!

What’s to renegotiate!

The right-wing press can bleat. The government can try to blame it on Europe, but this is precisely what the right-wing extremists of the ERG were wanting. Johnson, Farage, Gove and Rees-Mogg wanted this. They lied to get it. They got Cummings on board to sell it to us.

We bought it – we brought it on ourselves.

(13) Government Wants to Restart the Whole Brexit Process – YouTube

It’s as if we are ruled by a bunch of morons who don’t understand the implications of the deal that they spent three years negotiating!

We are led by a bunch of morons.

Perhaps we should rejoin the customs union?? Perhaps the single market was a great idea after all?

What a mess.

I wonder, to the nearest 10 Billion, how much this is really costing us?

Dom’s blog of last resort – As interpreted by John Crace…

As interpreted by John Crace…

Dom’s blog of last resort

An experiment. My seven-hour session in front of the joint inquiry of the science and technology and health and social care committees didn’t go entirely as planned. Quite the reverse in fact, as the more I tried to pin most of the blame on Matt Hancock, the more people started to feel sorry for the hopeless halfwit. So I then tried releasing some WhatsApp messages in which Boris Johnson – it takes one to know one – described the health secretary as “completely fucking useless” but no one paid much attention to that either.

So here we are. In the blog of last resort, where between 50 to 100 people have paid £10 a pop for the pleasure of asking me questions on any topic and I get to demonstrate why I’m the narcissistic sociopath everyone had always imagined. It’s not quite how I imagined spending a Monday afternoon, but beggars can’t be choosers and a bloke has to scrape a living somehow.

OK, here’s the first one. What was it like inside No 10, Dom? 

Where to start, other than to say that it felt even more chaotic on the inside that it must have looked from the outside? Imagine it. There was just one competent person in the entire building – me – and no one was listening to me. It was the story of my life. OODA loops in overdrive and a clear-sighted understanding of everything and yet the decision-making is left in the hands of BJ and Hancock. The SYSTEM is corrupt and rotten to the core. Ideally, I should have seized control myself. Just like Bismarck. But then we can all agree he should have been assassinated so I would have been forced to assassinate myself. Sorry for the RAMBLIGN ANSWER.

Is Boris Johnson as much of a liability as you have often made out? 

This isn’t the MOMETN for me to go into too much detail about BJ. Though what I will say is, that people have consistently underestimated him because they think he is a 100% delusional liar, when the reality is that there is 1% of him capable of rational thought. And it’s that 1% that makes HIM so dangerous. Though you’re right to assume that for most of the pandemic he has been like an out-of-control shopping trolley careering from side to side down the aisle. I’ve often said that if people knew WHAT it was like to be LURCHIGN from crisis to crisis, they would head for the hills or in my case, Barnard Castle. Who knew you needed an eye test for a gun licence?

Fuck me, there are some dreary questions posted on this blog. So forgive me if I just ignore them. Oh, here’s one from Carole Cadwalladr asking about Cambridge Analytica and deep data. Look, just let go of it, Carole. You lost the referendum. It’s time to move on. Get out of your SW1 BubbEL and start listening to what real people are talking about. No one cares if VL lied about one or two things. All we were doing was giving the establishment a kicking. And you in the corner. When are you going to realise that Brexit was all about procurement, not trade. Not that we could say that at the time. Else we might not have won.

Can you be trusted? 

That depends. I can be trusted to act better than all MPs who are rotten to the core yet control the wheels of power. And I can certainly be trusted to be a career psychopath whose mission is to destroy everythign with which I come in contact. And no, I don’t mind being hated by the media. What really upsets me is being ignored. So please don’t log off just now. I said, please don’t log off just now. Let me tell you another story about BJ’s catatonic state.

Why did you campaign to get Boris re-elected if you thought he was a dangerous moron? 

I’m sorry. We appear to have run out of time.

Tens Of Thousands Died Needlessly!! How The Government Failed Us When We needed it Most – Part 4

March/April 2020 The chaos continues in government. The pubs and restaurants are still open. Despite the reports from Italy and Spain of mass deaths and health services overwhelmed.

Johnson dithers.

There is no scrutiny in Cabinet (all the reasonable people have been kicked out – we only have the extreme lunatic extremists).

Hancock lies to cabinet and country. Hancock should have been fired. He lied about PPE, NHS ability to cope and shielding for Care Homes.

The panic sets in. The question of ‘Who Do We Save?’

Old people were unceremoniously chucked out of hospitals back into Care Homes without testing – spreading the virus through Care Homes and killing tens of thousands of our most vulnerable. Hancock lies about Care Homs being shielded – a ring of protection – in reality the old and vulnerable were being sacrificed.

We finally lockdown much too late.

Boris lies about everyone receiving treatment and proceeds to lie about world-beating apps, world-beating Test and Trace, operation Moonshots and how much they care.

Cummings claims that Johnson was unfit for office (like so many others that Johnson has worked with).

Huge amounts of public money is thrown at the disease all to Tory donors without any proper scrutiny or proper tendering – PPE contracts – Nightingale hospitals – ventilators – Track and Trace app (failed), Track and Trace (£37 billion alone) (failed). Money was handed out willy-nilly to go-betweens, landlords, foreign companies and all manner of people who had no experience what-so-ever, while firms who were experienced in things like PPE were ignore.

Some people (including people like Rees-Mogg and other members of the government and relatives) made millions.

Johnson and Hancock lied about being prepared. Johnson lied about everyone receiving treatment.

Chaos rules in Number 10. At one point they were frantically trying to come up with a plan with scribbles on a whiteboard while trying to stop the USA and Trump bombing Iraq and dealing with Boris Johnson’s girlfriend having hysterical rage about their dog.

Johnson models himself on populist leaders like Trump and Bolsonaro who play down the disease, calling it a scare story and ‘little flu’.

Johnson on intensive care with Covid and nearly dies.

All the worst performing countries were run by Populist fools – Johnson, Trump, Bolsonaro, Erdogan, Modi, Orban). All big on promises and electioneering slogans, racism and dision, but cannot run a country.

Cummings gets Covid and goes off to Durham – breaking all the rules – then lies about going to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight.

One rule for one one rule for another.

It was obvious that we should have shut down much earlier (as many other countries did) and should have closed our borders (as many other countries did). We should have been prepared.

We then got through the first wave and invited the second wave that killed many more tens of thousands, by stupidly telling people to go back to work in the offices (to help the lunchtime caterers), to go to the pubs and restaurants to ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ and spread the virus – resulting in a second lockdown.

It’s a tale of








Who’s to blame?

Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, Matt Hancock, SAGE, the Cabinet, The Tory Government.