Tens Of Thousands Died Needlessly!! How The Government Failed Us When We needed it Most – Part 4

March/April 2020 The chaos continues in government. The pubs and restaurants are still open. Despite the reports from Italy and Spain of mass deaths and health services overwhelmed.

Johnson dithers.

There is no scrutiny in Cabinet (all the reasonable people have been kicked out – we only have the extreme lunatic extremists).

Hancock lies to cabinet and country. Hancock should have been fired. He lied about PPE, NHS ability to cope and shielding for Care Homes.

The panic sets in. The question of ‘Who Do We Save?’

Old people were unceremoniously chucked out of hospitals back into Care Homes without testing – spreading the virus through Care Homes and killing tens of thousands of our most vulnerable. Hancock lies about Care Homs being shielded – a ring of protection – in reality the old and vulnerable were being sacrificed.

We finally lockdown much too late.

Boris lies about everyone receiving treatment and proceeds to lie about world-beating apps, world-beating Test and Trace, operation Moonshots and how much they care.

Cummings claims that Johnson was unfit for office (like so many others that Johnson has worked with).

Huge amounts of public money is thrown at the disease all to Tory donors without any proper scrutiny or proper tendering – PPE contracts – Nightingale hospitals – ventilators – Track and Trace app (failed), Track and Trace (£37 billion alone) (failed). Money was handed out willy-nilly to go-betweens, landlords, foreign companies and all manner of people who had no experience what-so-ever, while firms who were experienced in things like PPE were ignore.

Some people (including people like Rees-Mogg and other members of the government and relatives) made millions.

Johnson and Hancock lied about being prepared. Johnson lied about everyone receiving treatment.

Chaos rules in Number 10. At one point they were frantically trying to come up with a plan with scribbles on a whiteboard while trying to stop the USA and Trump bombing Iraq and dealing with Boris Johnson’s girlfriend having hysterical rage about their dog.

Johnson models himself on populist leaders like Trump and Bolsonaro who play down the disease, calling it a scare story and ‘little flu’.

Johnson on intensive care with Covid and nearly dies.

All the worst performing countries were run by Populist fools – Johnson, Trump, Bolsonaro, Erdogan, Modi, Orban). All big on promises and electioneering slogans, racism and dision, but cannot run a country.

Cummings gets Covid and goes off to Durham – breaking all the rules – then lies about going to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight.

One rule for one one rule for another.

It was obvious that we should have shut down much earlier (as many other countries did) and should have closed our borders (as many other countries did). We should have been prepared.

We then got through the first wave and invited the second wave that killed many more tens of thousands, by stupidly telling people to go back to work in the offices (to help the lunchtime caterers), to go to the pubs and restaurants to ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ and spread the virus – resulting in a second lockdown.

It’s a tale of








Who’s to blame?

Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, Matt Hancock, SAGE, the Cabinet, The Tory Government.

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