Oven-Ready Brexit Deal – (Previously a great deal!) – a disaster – needs renegotiating!

Frost says that the deal, negotiated in good faith by both sides and agreed by both sides, is not working!! It needs renegotiating.

We chose to leave the Customs Union and Single Market. We knew what that meant. It means customs borders. It means tariffs. It means huge cost, slower movement, a reduction in trade, job losses and increased prices. It means employing huge numbers of customs officers. It means lots of red tape. It is a storm of bureaucracy.

We chose to put a border in Northern Ireland even though we knew it would create huge problems for Ireland.

We chose this – not Europe!

We chose to make trade harder, to make it cost more and to impose checks and tariffs. We chose that.

Lord Frost says it isn’t working. We said it wouldn’t before Johnson said it was oven-ready and a great deal. But then he’s a proven liar.

It was neither oven-ready nor a great deal.

But we voted for it and we signed it.

Too late now!!

What’s to renegotiate!

The right-wing press can bleat. The government can try to blame it on Europe, but this is precisely what the right-wing extremists of the ERG were wanting. Johnson, Farage, Gove and Rees-Mogg wanted this. They lied to get it. They got Cummings on board to sell it to us.

We bought it – we brought it on ourselves.

(13) Government Wants to Restart the Whole Brexit Process – YouTube

It’s as if we are ruled by a bunch of morons who don’t understand the implications of the deal that they spent three years negotiating!

We are led by a bunch of morons.

Perhaps we should rejoin the customs union?? Perhaps the single market was a great idea after all?

What a mess.

I wonder, to the nearest 10 Billion, how much this is really costing us?

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