James Varda – Achingly beautiful new album! I hope James is well! It does not sound good.

I’m playing the new album by James Varda – Chance and Time. It is beautiful but so incredibly poignant.

I hope James is taking an artistic stance but this sounds like his valedatory last offering.

Life may be just one thing after another but it is so full of wonder and awe. It means so much to me as well, James. That’s what hurts so much. It could be so wonderful. I live in England’s civilised Eden, complete with wild birds, blue and green, and I see the fanatics reducing it to brown dirt and red blood.

I want to pass the idyll on – not the disaster we are creating.

This album is so atmospheric and emotionally charged. It is surely Jame’s best album.

It’s not quite too late. That sun may still shine on us. I hope it shines on you James. You’re a source of light and warmth. We need your sensitivity to build a new zeitgeist!

What a talent. What a delight.
What a wonderful album that takes you on that life journey.

3 thoughts on “James Varda – Achingly beautiful new album! I hope James is well! It does not sound good.

  1. Hi Will,
    Lovely to hear from you. I’m so pleased that James likes the review. I am a friend of Roy and Nick’s and met up with James supporting Roy long ago. Hunger was (and still is) a favourite of mine. Chance and Time is even better.
    I hope James is alright?
    If there is anything I can do – my email is opher@hotmail.co.uk
    I’ll delete your comment if I can work out how to do that!

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    This deserves reblogging because James is such a precious singer/songwriter and this album has such quality or many levels. I cannot recommend it enough.

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