Sex!!! Part 5 – Religion and babies!!

We have big brains.

In order to develop big brains we have to have a lot of nurturing. This brain development begins inside the uterus. We have to nurture babies in the uterus for 9 months while their brains grow.

By the time they are ready to be born they have big brains and big heads. This makes birth a problem. If women had been designed they would have big openings to deliver babies through. Unfortunately they have evolved and not been created. They have to try to squeeze the baby out of the vagina. The baby’s head is so big it can hardly fit through. Birth is consequently dangerous for mother and child. There are lots of deaths, injuries, pain and brain damage.

If a god had designed this then he is incompetent or vindictive. It is not however designed by any god; it has evolved through mutation and is hence not as good as it could be.

Having babies and menstruating are two ways in which misogynous societies (coming from the patriarchal Judeo-Christian-Islamic traditions) put down women. They make out that menstruation is dirty, sex is dirty, childbirth pain is just reward for having had sex and that women are to blame!

Religion does not like sex. It tries to blame women and thus justifies making them second-class citizens.

There’s nothing wrong with sex. It’s a good biological mechanism for reproducing. There’s nothing dirty or unclean about it.

Religion just likes to control and suppress people.

The problem with sex is that it produces too many children. We are overpopulated and destroying the world. We need to limit our numbers and use contraception. We need to use our intelligence before we destroy the world.

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