This is what I believe!

I live on a small planet going round an average sun.

My body is an incredible phenomenon created by billions of years of evolution. My consciousness is even more amazing and created by the same way.

My awareness came out of nothing when I was in the womb and will go back to nothing after I die.

I share this incredible planet with billions of other life forms which evolved in the same way as me. Many of them share the same attributes as me. Some are quite different but all have very similar biochemistry. This life is a spectrum created by the evolution of the stupendous DNA molecule. This DNA molecule interacts with proteins to create a phenomena we call life.

At this moment in time my species, having wiped out all other human species, has temporarily overcome most of the predators that kept our numbers in check and all other limiting factors. We are not likely to be eaten by fierce animals, killed by disease or restricted by lack of food, water or adverse conditions. Therefore our numbers are increasing exponentially and we are using up space, resources and the natural environment. In the process we are killing off other species at an alarming rate. We do not seem to understand that we are part of a fragile ecosystem the destruction of which will destroy us. We do not recognise other life forms as possessing intelligence, consciousness or feelings. They are lesser forms of life to be cruelly destroyed or thoughtlessly eradicated.

Many of our species have formed a superstitious belief that we were ‘created’ and there is a wonderful ‘plan’ for us. They are not too bothered by the destruction around us. It is part of the ‘plan’.

Many of our species are sitting comfortably in their own little bubble in which the ‘real’ world does not intrude. That’s just how they like it.

Many of our species are obsessed with owning more whatever the cost.

Many of our species are living hand to mouth and trying desperately to survive. They will use and eat whatever comes their way.

Unless this is addressed on a global scale we will thoughtlessly destroy something that is miraculous.

I do not believe we will destroy life. What is left after we are gone, even if it is only bacterial slime, will form another incredible, but different ecosystem, after a few billion years.

It is the thoughtless cruelty I detest.

Of course we can do something about it and alter the Zeitgeist!!