Islam means peace?

Supposedly Islam literally means peace. So why is it that the Islamic community is not loudly disclaiming the militants who are killing and terrorising non-Muslims in Iraq? Surely this barbaric intolerance is not what the religion is about?

I think there has to be a debate here. Either Islam stands for peace, tolerance and civilisation or it stands for primitive barbarity?

Muslims need to decide. There needs to be a strong outcry from Muslims against these atrocities.

If the British government issued an ultimatum to all Muslims in Britain instructing them to give up their religion or be executed the whole world would rightly be outraged.

Why is the British Muslim community so quiet?

See my views on why we should rid ourselves of all religion on Opher’s World:

2 thoughts on “Islam means peace?

  1. Another bigoted piece!! British Muslims are going to Turkey to fight for the YPG against Deash. The death of some (one from Barnsley) has been reported in the news. I don’t recall antitheism rising up and protesting on the streets in the early 90s when Muslims were being slaughtered, starved and raped in concentration camps in a genocide by the Serbs. The barbarity in the Middle East has been condemned in the UK by Christians, Atheists and Muslims alike. Take the shells from your eyes.

    1. There is nothing bigoted in called for a condemnation of depravity. I am pleased that all types of civilised people, including many Muslims, are making their voices heard. We need a lot more.
      Today another blogger in Bangladesh was hacked to death by a mob for daring to criticise religion.
      That is the second in a month.
      Religious fanatics are trying to stifle opposition through threat and terror. Whereever there is intolerance, hatred and violence it requires sane, civilised people speaking out.
      I stand for the right for all people to believe what they like and all people to say what they feel about religious superstition. That is freedom.
      Hundreds of thousands marched and rose up against the atrocities in Serbia – and rightly so! I covered this at length in my PSHE – tolerance and respect for differences. Respect for Islam. But not when it is used as an excuse for violence, hatred and intolerance!
      Islam is peace – a number of Muslims seem to think it is alright to behead, stone and threaten. They are the ones I am opposed to.

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