Nationalism!!! It’s Great to be British!!

Yes, it is great to be British. We do live in a country with a great many freedoms and a long history of fighting for social justice against the tyranny of an elite (The establishment – the kings, queens, aristocracy and wealthy).

This present state is the result of an ongoing struggle and compromise. Given half an inch the establishment are quite happy to claim a larger slice of the cake and control us.

It’s not as blatant as it used to be. They don’t send in the troops and kill people. These days they deploy propaganda through their media, fund their party (parties) and use lobbying, threats, bribes and blackmail to gain what they want through ballot box and parliament. Which is why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. It is why tax loopholes are never sorted and things always work in their favour. It’s no accident.

So it is strange to see this surge in Nationalism in working people and pride in what Britain stood for – its glory as an empire. Except, of course, the working people never actually profited from the empire. It was the elite who planned it, led it and took the spoils. The common man was deployed as soldiers, cannon fodder, to overcome the natives so that they could be exploited by the elite. The common man worked in the factories on starvation wages and was exploited by the same elite who exploited the people in far-off lands. They lived in mansions. The rest of us lived in slums.

But still, we are British and proud.

Except, what is this Britishness? Are we British?

Who are the British?

Have we are British culture?

It depends when you put the pin in history I guess. We are often called Anglo Saxon but are we?

I’m British. My Grandmother was Irish, my Grandfather was Scottish, my other Grandfather was cockney and my other Grandmother was from Lancashire. You don’t get much more British than that!

But the original inhabitants of Britain weren’t Anglo-Saxon; they were probably Pict, Celt or Gaul. Tribes migrating in from central Europe who probably originated in India.

So the first British were Indo-European.

After that it’s a question of which era you want.

The Angles and Saxons came in from Germany and displaced and integrated with the Celts. So the culture was Germanic.

The Vikings came in and took over large swathes of Britain. So the prevailing culture was Scandinavian.

The Romans came and took over, integrating and controlling. So the prevailing culture was Italian.

The Normans conquered the country and the prevailing culture was French.

When the trade routes opened up and the Empire got in its stride a few hundred years ago there was an influx of Chinese, Arabs, Africans, Indians, Jews and people from all over.

Then there were the refugees – the Huguenots, the Jews, Armenians and lately the Arabs.

Then we had the people brought in for cheap labour – the Pakistanis, the Indians, Jamaicans and more recently the Eastern Europeans.

Sexual attraction is great isn’t it? We are ruled by biology. Hence the British have a rich mixture of genes, races, language and heritage. But purity? No, we haven’t any of that. We are a hybrid race compounded from many diverse sources. Our culture is hybrid. Our language is hybrid. We are so much richer because of it.

I recently had a DNA test for my heritage. It seems that I have a genetic background from Germany, France and Iberia. So I am not so much British as European.

So what is this nationalism? Why do we see working class people dressing up as crusaders and claiming so kind of superiority.

Seemingly they have chosen to stick the pin in a certain moment in our history and claim it as pure British. Weird huh? The fact that those knights who they are mimicking were the aristocracy – the wealthy elite who rode on horses, had tents and servants – while the army they were in charge of were on foot, slept rough and were a raggle-taggle. The whole bunch were a polyglot of races and nationalities conscripted for the wages and loot, and propelled by fanatical religious propaganda. Hardly what was being represented by this idealised version.

Makes me laugh.

Our patron saint – St George was Turkish

Our Royal Family is German (Prince Philip being Greek)

Our Prime Minister is Turkish

Our aristocracy is French, German and heaven knows what.

So what is this nationalism based on? This hatred of French and German? This xenophobia, racism and arrogance?

Who are the British?

What are the traditions that are intrinsically British? The ability to invade and conquer? Morris Dancing? Talking with a plum in the mouth? English food – fish and chips and bangers and mash? Christmas? Christianity?

We imported it all. It has evolved through time. There is no essence of Britishness.

History is mainly the story of the rich and powerful elite and the exploitation of everybody else. Is that what nationalists hanker after? Do they really imagine themselves as the Lords of the Manor and not see themselves as the scum of the earth?

I’ll take pride in the Britishness of fighting against the elite for justice, freedom and greater equality. That seems worthy to me!! Do you think for a second that the exploitation has stopped?


The more you look at it the sillier it becomes!!

More Geocentric thinking – Less divisive nationalism!! Emma Raducanu.

May be an image of 1 person and standing

Abtin CyrusReunite EU – British European Rejoiners
18h  · 
A new tennis champion has emerged. It is fascinating to observe the dynamics taking place around this young lady.
Emma’s father is Romanian. Her name is Romanian and she speaks Romanian fluently. Hence she is considered Romanian by millions of Romanians. But Emma has actually never lived in Romania.
Emma’s mother is Chinese. She speaks fluent Chinese, as a recent video available on YouTube shows. Hence she is considered a Chinese hero by millions of Chinese, who seem to forget that the PRC discourages international marriages.
Emma was born in Canada but has lived most of her life and trained in the UK. Hence she is considered British by most Britons and was publicly congratulated by the Queen. But the British public that now celebrates her success is the same that voted Brexit with the very objective to make it difficult for East Europeans such as Emma and her father to live in the UK.
The reality is that Emma is not Romanian, Chinese or British. She is much more. She is the outstanding result of the combination of Romanian talent, Chinese work ethics and British openness and sport infrastructure.
At a time when many countries are going back to very ethnocentric models and policies, Emma is the best evidence that National identities are fading and we must embrace a geocentric mindset. Emma Raducanu is the future of mankind.
Professor Gianasso #identity #Diversity

Thanks Paul Sullivan!

Today I wear Black

Today I wear Black

Today I shall wear black

In recognition

Of our lessening power and influence.

I shall wear black

In recognition

Of our weakening economy.

I shall wear black.

I shall wear black

In protest

At our jingoistic nationalism.

I shall wear black

For our loss.

For the loss of cooperation,

For the loss of my grandchildren’s dreams.

I shall wear black.

I will wear black

For the Eton boys and bankers

Who conned us

With their fear-ridden vision

From which they will profit greatly

I shall wear black.

I wear black for the victims of the next war

Born of isolation and arrogance.

I shall wear black

For the nostalgia

For a time that never was

For the Dunkirk spirit and terror of the Blitz

For rationing and poverty

As if these were wonderful.

And I shall wear black

For the things that we must now endure

The inequality and lies

The privilege and ignorant masses

I shall wear black.

For if we really understood

We should all wear black.

Opher – 31.1.2020

As we came out of the EU, burdening ourselves with more red tape and removing opportunities from our kids, it is a time of loss and sadness.

Wearing black is appropriate at such times.

Poetry – Who Rules the UK?

Who Rules the UK?

Who rules the UK?

‘Not I’ said the poor man

Struggling to get by,

‘I live out my days

Until the day I die.’

Who rules the UK?

‘Not I’, said the comfortable

Investing all their shares,

‘I’m doing alright

I have no need to care.’

Who rules the UK?

‘Not I,’ said the politician

Who is bought and sold,

‘I just get to vote

The way that I am told.’

Who rules the UK?

‘Not I,’ said the Queen.

‘I am just a figurehead.

Of power

I do not have a shred.’

Who rules the UK?

‘Brussels!’ shout the Brexiteers,

Snarling as they speak.

‘We want that power back

We haven’t got all week!’

Who really rules the UK?

Silence from those who do;

Who own the press

And buy the power;

Who quietly smile

As they watch it go sour.

‘There’s profit to be made

From this pantomime charade!

Opher 17.8.2018

The people who have financed Brexit have done so for their own selfish reasons. They don’t care about the country or the people. They only care about themselves.

Some of them are ideologues. Some of them are speculators. Some of them are mad.

We’ve all been used!

Poetry – Flags, Anthems and Pledges

Flags, Anthems and Pledges

Flags, anthems and pledges

Brainwashing instruments

That restrict freedoms.

Nationalist fascism,

Flaky around the edges,

Warlords and fiefdoms.

Tying us in to allegiance

To forces that exploit our desires.

Strangulating our freedoms

With their economic empires.

Consumer units under control

Slotted into the patriotic hole.

Opher 26.12.2017

As Samuel Johnson said – Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Patriotism, with its entire flag waving tribalism, is nothing more than a fiction to manipulate people by. It comes straight out of its partner nationalism and is the cause of much war and conflict.

Populist politicians use it to gain power. Businessmen harness it to gain profit.

It is visceral not cerebral and it panders to the gut rather than the brain. Many a brave lad full of ideals has been beguiled and used. Many a brave lad has returned with his legs blown off, his mind scrambled and his future in tatters all for the love of a notion of country. To quote the great Wilfred Owen (himself a victim twice over) – The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori.

The narrow-minded nature of flag-waving and nationalism.

All people are equally important. No nation is superior to another. No people have a monopoly on what is right. No nation has a perfect history. Every nation’s history is littered with injustice, war, violence and suppression.

I see the fascists wrapping themselves in their nation’s flags. I see unpleasant politicians hypocritically using the flag as a prop.

It disgusts me.

Nationalism and Flag Waving – Arundhati Roy

I agree with Arundhati. I find it very worrying.

Life has taught me that there are good and bad people everywhere and no nation is exempt from bad actions. Every nation has good and bad things.

People are people. One world: One people.

I prefer to have a flag for the whole planet – including all life!!