Poetry – Defending the homeland

Defending the homeland

Defending the homeland

                Against the Russian foes.

Barbaric practice

                As all morality goes.

Fighting to the death,

                Arena of horror.

Giving up on life.

                No hope for tomorrow.

War is madness.

                Can be no excuse.

Protest all we want.

                But it’s no use.

The elite call the tune.

                Gain from the violence.

Drunk on greed and power

                Profits are immense.

These elite tyrants

                Pull all the strings.

We live in the shadow.

                The crop that madness brings.

Opher – 18.4.2022

I despise nationalism and patriotism – the territory of scoundrels.

I despise the propaganda and spin that stops people from thinking.

Defending the homeland? I have some reticence. But if it came to standing up for freedom and justice, fairness and democracy, I think I would be prepared to defend.

War is run by a greedy elite for profit. That is all.

We tolerate that greedy elite. We put them them. We vote for them. We are taken in by their propaganda.

They are nothing but greedy tyrants. History is littered with them.

Time we changed. They are only as powerful as we allow them to be.

War is a tool of the elite. Time we banned it!

Fascism – How far are we down the road towards a fascist state?

We are seeing the rise of fascism all over the world. What is it? What is its appeal to ordinary people?

Are they just duped by the propaganda?

Do they like the simple black and white principles?

Do they see it as strong decisive leadership?

Do they want to be part of something they see as powerful?

Do they support it out of fear?

I was watching Mike Malloys 14 characteristics of Fascism. That was scary.

One can clearly see the way that Putin and Xi clearly operate fascist states. What is more worrying is the way that countries like the USA, UK and France are heading down the same road. Democracy is clearly being manipulated and usurped.

The 14 Characteristics of Fascism

  1. Nationalism – nationalistic slogans, flags, symbols and emblems are splattered everywhere.
  2. Human Rights – human rights are ignored. Fear is ratcheted up and enemies are identified and dehumanised so that it is OK to deploy incarceration, violence and even torture.
  3. Identification of Enemies – these scapegoats may be immigrants, refugees, ethnic minorities, racial groups, liberals, communists or cultural minorities. They are portrayed as a threat and built up to induce fear and hate. They are portrayed as terrorists, rapists, criminals, morally corrupt drug dealers or simply people, who breed like rabbits, and are intent on usurping the national culture.
  4. Supremacy of the Military – the army, secret police and goons are deployed to suppress opposition and control all expressions of dissent. The goons are funded even when domestic needs are neglected.
  5. Sexism – the rights of women and minority sexual groups are severely repressed. Abortion is banned. There is suppression of gay and trans rights.
  6. Control Of The Mass Media – either directly or indirectly. The bringing in of censorship and pumping out of propaganda.
  7. National Security Obsession – The state is under threat from spurious political/social/religious/cultural groups. Fear is ramped up. Hate is ramped up. These groups must be opposed and eradicated. They are the enemy within.
  8. Crime and Punishment Obsession – the police need added powers in order to control the threats from within and establish law and order.
  9. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption – state funds are appropriated and misused. They are dolled out to friends and supporters. Supporters are rewarded royally. Stolen money is used to support actions that bolster the state (media, business etc.).
  10. Fraudulent Elections – elections are rigged with voter suppression in opposition areas, smear campaigns, false claims, control of actual voting, making it extremely difficult for the opposition to vote and easy for supporters, alterations in regional boundaries and manipulation of the media. Votes cast can be ignored or manipulated.
  11. Religion is Deployed – even when the tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the violence, abuse, suppression, inequality and moral corruption of the regime. Religion is used as a basis to motivate and becomes intertwined with government.
  12. Corporate Power – corporations are protected and rewarded for the mutual benefit of the elite. The power and wealth are streamed to this elite.
  13. Labour Power is Suppressed – the people are the only force that can effectively undermine the regime hence their power is reduced. Corporations deunionise, laws are passed to make unions ineffective, propaganda is deployed to manipulate workers and make them docile.
  14. Disdain for Intellectuals, Music and Art – intellectuals and artists can be a focus for opposition and arouse the people to oppose the regime. There is open hostility and undermining of all experts, encouragement of conspiracy and superstition, attack on freedom of expression and defunding of art and academia. All rebellion is sidelined.

I would add this fifteenth and sixteenth to Mike Malloy’s list:

15. Dumbing Down and Distraction – There is a distinct dumbing down in literature, art, TV and education. Trivial distraction is used to prevent people from engaging with what is really going down. Alcohol and drugs are encouraged. Programmes that expose or investigate in any depth are discouraged, banned, defunded, sidelined or debunked.

16. Education – The history books are rewritten, the curriculum reduced, the syllabi restricted and education turned into career fodder. Creativity and thinking are discouraged. Propaganda is deployed. Students are brainwashed.

We see this with Xi and Putin, Le Pen, Bolsonaro, Johnson, Trump, Erdogan, Modi, Oban and numerous others.

We fought a world war against the fascism of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco. Now it is coming in through the backdoor.

How far down this road are we in the UK and USA?? If Trump had been elected again would we have said goodbye to democracy in the USA? I think so. With Johnson spouting nationalistic nonsense of global Britain and Brexit, taking over the media, loading the BBC, taking over Channel 4, controlling the newspapers (Daily Mail, Express, Sun, Times, Telegraph), suppressing protest, pumping out propaganda, using corruption and sleaze to reward supporters, creating a new elite, scapegoating refugees, Muslims and ‘woke’, and vilifying the opposition – are we heading for a one-party fascist state? I think so.

Looking at the world – these are worrying times!!

Poetry – Change will Come!!

Change will Come!!

I smell it on the breeze –

The changing of the guard!

A new age hanging on the wind,

Soaring on the thermals,

Swooping to infect us with its hope!!

Can’t you smell it?

An age of compassion! An age of care!!

It is galloping down the valleys,

Thundering across the plains,

Rampaging through the cities,

Sweeping all before it!

It is sweeping away the canker,

Washing faeces out of minds,

Driving away the aroma of greed,

Smashing the icons of selfishness,

Striding forward with a tsunami of hope!

Like a hammer!

Like a bomb!

Like a nuclear burst!

Like a galactic explosion!

It roars in our minds.

It is the force of change!!

The force of change!!

Nothing can resist!!

It has woken minds from their slumber!

It has unleashed a dragon!

It has opened the door to the magic within!

It is screaming equality!

It is shouting for fairness!

It is blaring love!

It is yelling for change!

It is signalling hope!!

It is pointing to a new future!

A new deal with nature!

A new beginning!

Change will come!!

Change will cleanse us of populist hypocrisy!

Change brings new hope!

We’re building the future!

We’re building a better world

Change will come!!

Change will come!!

Opher – 8.6.2020

I can smell the change – the end of populism! Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro are on their way out!

Their lies, racism, ineptitude, division, fear and hate is going to be replaced by a new age of reasoned thought, compassion, empathy, tolerance and love.

The zeitgeist is changing!!

Hope has been born.

Trump and Johnson will soon be history.

Poetry – Out of the Closet

Out of the Closet

Out of the closet the nationalist loonies

Are fuelled with false nostalgia.

The ageing racists, yearning for Empire,

Now suffering from neuralgia.

Full of Dunkirk spirit and bravado of the Blitz

They think the bloody Tories know what is best.

Fed on tabloid propaganda, they believe the fascist lies

And think that profiteers are better than the rest.

They’ve adopted Tommy Robinson and fear the Muslim threat,

And believe that the sodding EU is the cause of all their pain.

While all the time they’re being conned

It’s Tory austerity that sends their earnings down the drain!

They’re the mental English lower classes

Who haven’t got a clue – so just believe the internet stories,

Wallow in self-pity, for a life they never knew

Never thinking for a second they’re being robbed by the Tories

Opher – 14.12.2019

There are a whole bunch of working-class and middle-class people who have been completely duped by the tabloid propaganda and internet scare stories spread by the establishment.

They’ve been whipped into fear-driven hysteria out of all proportion to reality. They have been fed exaggerated garbage that has inflamed deep insecurity, brought out their xenophobic and racist attributes, and turned them into nationalists.

They have evoked the good old British spirit of Dunkirk and the blitz – back to a time when life was wonderful – except it never was, was it?

Those days were hard, cold, impoverished and miserable. Housing was poor, there were no amenities, no money, poor diets, long hours, poor pay and grim conditions. We were cold, hungry and sick. Kids died. Kids went to school sewn into their clothes. Kids had no shoes and tied rags round their feet in snow. Women worked themselves to death with no washing machines or dishwashers. Aaah – the good old days, when Britain was great – when the wealth of the Empire when straight into the stately homes and the workers lived in slums, working twelve hours a day on bread and dripping.

The establishment have directed this hysteria against the EU and deflected it away from the real cause of the deep-seated problems – Tory policy.

The Tories represent this wealthy elite. For ten years they have plundered the public services, robbed from the poor and given to the wealthy through tax cuts and tax loopholes.

They have created a land of billionaires and paupers!!

And people have voted for this bunch of privileged profiteers!! They really believe that people like Trump, Johnson, Farage and Bolsonaro have their interests at heart.

They have been duped into believing that Corbyn is a monster.

You get what you deserve.

The Stench of Extreme Nationalism.

The extreme ERG has always flirted with fascism. Their xenophobia, outright racism and nationalism is repulsive. They are relics of a by-gone age – the age that put up statues that we want to pull down. Their nastiness is only exceeded by their corrupt greed. They arrogantly think they are a law to themselves.

The stench covers the land.

George Orwell speaks on Nationalism.

It’s because we have good reason to be ashamed. A good section of our population is arrogant, racist, gullible and easily led into fascism.

They read the gutter press and believe it. They make you ashamed.

Nationalism and patriotism are used by scoundrels and politicians to divide and create hate.

One People: One World!

Poetry – Ashamed to be English

Ashamed to be English

I’m ashamed to be English

When I see the strutting arrogance,

The haughty ignorance,

The tight-lipped diffidence,

Xenophobic belligerence

And racist effluence.

The nationalistic stupidity

Feels like crap to me.

We’re better than that

And so we should be!

Opher 27.6.2019

There is an element of British culture that I find repulsive – the smugness of the elite with their arrogant classism, little clubs and attitude of superiority. There is a xenophobic element that is racist and a falsely inflated ego that is extremely unpleasant.

They make me feel ashamed.

Nationalism!!! It’s Great to be British!!

Yes, it is great to be British. We do live in a country with a great many freedoms and a long history of fighting for social justice against the tyranny of an elite (The establishment – the kings, queens, aristocracy and wealthy).

This present state is the result of an ongoing struggle and compromise. Given half an inch the establishment are quite happy to claim a larger slice of the cake and control us.

It’s not as blatant as it used to be. They don’t send in the troops and kill people. These days they deploy propaganda through their media, fund their party (parties) and use lobbying, threats, bribes and blackmail to gain what they want through ballot box and parliament. Which is why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. It is why tax loopholes are never sorted and things always work in their favour. It’s no accident.

So it is strange to see this surge in Nationalism in working people and pride in what Britain stood for – its glory as an empire. Except, of course, the working people never actually profited from the empire. It was the elite who planned it, led it and took the spoils. The common man was deployed as soldiers, cannon fodder, to overcome the natives so that they could be exploited by the elite. The common man worked in the factories on starvation wages and was exploited by the same elite who exploited the people in far-off lands. They lived in mansions. The rest of us lived in slums.

But still, we are British and proud.

Except, what is this Britishness? Are we British?

Who are the British?

Have we are British culture?

It depends when you put the pin in history I guess. We are often called Anglo Saxon but are we?

I’m British. My Grandmother was Irish, my Grandfather was Scottish, my other Grandfather was cockney and my other Grandmother was from Lancashire. You don’t get much more British than that!

But the original inhabitants of Britain weren’t Anglo-Saxon; they were probably Pict, Celt or Gaul. Tribes migrating in from central Europe who probably originated in India.

So the first British were Indo-European.

After that it’s a question of which era you want.

The Angles and Saxons came in from Germany and displaced and integrated with the Celts. So the culture was Germanic.

The Vikings came in and took over large swathes of Britain. So the prevailing culture was Scandinavian.

The Romans came and took over, integrating and controlling. So the prevailing culture was Italian.

The Normans conquered the country and the prevailing culture was French.

When the trade routes opened up and the Empire got in its stride a few hundred years ago there was an influx of Chinese, Arabs, Africans, Indians, Jews and people from all over.

Then there were the refugees – the Huguenots, the Jews, Armenians and lately the Arabs.

Then we had the people brought in for cheap labour – the Pakistanis, the Indians, Jamaicans and more recently the Eastern Europeans.

Sexual attraction is great isn’t it? We are ruled by biology. Hence the British have a rich mixture of genes, races, language and heritage. But purity? No, we haven’t any of that. We are a hybrid race compounded from many diverse sources. Our culture is hybrid. Our language is hybrid. We are so much richer because of it.

I recently had a DNA test for my heritage. It seems that I have a genetic background from Germany, France and Iberia. So I am not so much British as European.

So what is this nationalism? Why do we see working class people dressing up as crusaders and claiming so kind of superiority.

Seemingly they have chosen to stick the pin in a certain moment in our history and claim it as pure British. Weird huh? The fact that those knights who they are mimicking were the aristocracy – the wealthy elite who rode on horses, had tents and servants – while the army they were in charge of were on foot, slept rough and were a raggle-taggle. The whole bunch were a polyglot of races and nationalities conscripted for the wages and loot, and propelled by fanatical religious propaganda. Hardly what was being represented by this idealised version.

Makes me laugh.

Our patron saint – St George was Turkish

Our Royal Family is German (Prince Philip being Greek)

Our Prime Minister is Turkish

Our aristocracy is French, German and heaven knows what.

So what is this nationalism based on? This hatred of French and German? This xenophobia, racism and arrogance?

Who are the British?

What are the traditions that are intrinsically British? The ability to invade and conquer? Morris Dancing? Talking with a plum in the mouth? English food – fish and chips and bangers and mash? Christmas? Christianity?

We imported it all. It has evolved through time. There is no essence of Britishness.

History is mainly the story of the rich and powerful elite and the exploitation of everybody else. Is that what nationalists hanker after? Do they really imagine themselves as the Lords of the Manor and not see themselves as the scum of the earth?

I’ll take pride in the Britishness of fighting against the elite for justice, freedom and greater equality. That seems worthy to me!! Do you think for a second that the exploitation has stopped?


The more you look at it the sillier it becomes!!

More Geocentric thinking – Less divisive nationalism!! Emma Raducanu.

May be an image of 1 person and standing

Abtin CyrusReunite EU – British European Rejoiners
18h  · 
A new tennis champion has emerged. It is fascinating to observe the dynamics taking place around this young lady.
Emma’s father is Romanian. Her name is Romanian and she speaks Romanian fluently. Hence she is considered Romanian by millions of Romanians. But Emma has actually never lived in Romania.
Emma’s mother is Chinese. She speaks fluent Chinese, as a recent video available on YouTube shows. Hence she is considered a Chinese hero by millions of Chinese, who seem to forget that the PRC discourages international marriages.
Emma was born in Canada but has lived most of her life and trained in the UK. Hence she is considered British by most Britons and was publicly congratulated by the Queen. But the British public that now celebrates her success is the same that voted Brexit with the very objective to make it difficult for East Europeans such as Emma and her father to live in the UK.
The reality is that Emma is not Romanian, Chinese or British. She is much more. She is the outstanding result of the combination of Romanian talent, Chinese work ethics and British openness and sport infrastructure.
At a time when many countries are going back to very ethnocentric models and policies, Emma is the best evidence that National identities are fading and we must embrace a geocentric mindset. Emma Raducanu is the future of mankind.
Professor Gianasso #identity #Diversity

Thanks Paul Sullivan!

Today I wear Black

Today I wear Black

Today I shall wear black

In recognition

Of our lessening power and influence.

I shall wear black

In recognition

Of our weakening economy.

I shall wear black.

I shall wear black

In protest

At our jingoistic nationalism.

I shall wear black

For our loss.

For the loss of cooperation,

For the loss of my grandchildren’s dreams.

I shall wear black.

I will wear black

For the Eton boys and bankers

Who conned us

With their fear-ridden vision

From which they will profit greatly

I shall wear black.

I wear black for the victims of the next war

Born of isolation and arrogance.

I shall wear black

For the nostalgia

For a time that never was

For the Dunkirk spirit and terror of the Blitz

For rationing and poverty

As if these were wonderful.

And I shall wear black

For the things that we must now endure

The inequality and lies

The privilege and ignorant masses

I shall wear black.

For if we really understood

We should all wear black.

Opher – 31.1.2020

As we came out of the EU, burdening ourselves with more red tape and removing opportunities from our kids, it is a time of loss and sadness.

Wearing black is appropriate at such times.