Poetry – Defending the homeland

Defending the homeland

Defending the homeland

                Against the Russian foes.

Barbaric practice

                As all morality goes.

Fighting to the death,

                Arena of horror.

Giving up on life.

                No hope for tomorrow.

War is madness.

                Can be no excuse.

Protest all we want.

                But it’s no use.

The elite call the tune.

                Gain from the violence.

Drunk on greed and power

                Profits are immense.

These elite tyrants

                Pull all the strings.

We live in the shadow.

                The crop that madness brings.

Opher – 18.4.2022

I despise nationalism and patriotism – the territory of scoundrels.

I despise the propaganda and spin that stops people from thinking.

Defending the homeland? I have some reticence. But if it came to standing up for freedom and justice, fairness and democracy, I think I would be prepared to defend.

War is run by a greedy elite for profit. That is all.

We tolerate that greedy elite. We put them them. We vote for them. We are taken in by their propaganda.

They are nothing but greedy tyrants. History is littered with them.

Time we changed. They are only as powerful as we allow them to be.

War is a tool of the elite. Time we banned it!