Poetry – Change will Come!!

Change will Come!!

I smell it on the breeze –

The changing of the guard!

A new age hanging on the wind,

Soaring on the thermals,

Swooping to infect us with its hope!!

Can’t you smell it?

An age of compassion! An age of care!!

It is galloping down the valleys,

Thundering across the plains,

Rampaging through the cities,

Sweeping all before it!

It is sweeping away the canker,

Washing faeces out of minds,

Driving away the aroma of greed,

Smashing the icons of selfishness,

Striding forward with a tsunami of hope!

Like a hammer!

Like a bomb!

Like a nuclear burst!

Like a galactic explosion!

It roars in our minds.

It is the force of change!!

The force of change!!

Nothing can resist!!

It has woken minds from their slumber!

It has unleashed a dragon!

It has opened the door to the magic within!

It is screaming equality!

It is shouting for fairness!

It is blaring love!

It is yelling for change!

It is signalling hope!!

It is pointing to a new future!

A new deal with nature!

A new beginning!

Change will come!!

Change will cleanse us of populist hypocrisy!

Change brings new hope!

We’re building the future!

We’re building a better world

Change will come!!

Change will come!!

Opher – 8.6.2020

I can smell the change – the end of populism! Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro are on their way out!

Their lies, racism, ineptitude, division, fear and hate is going to be replaced by a new age of reasoned thought, compassion, empathy, tolerance and love.

The zeitgeist is changing!!

Hope has been born.

Trump and Johnson will soon be history.


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