Cliffs teeming with nesting birds! Photos

Fantastic to see so many gorgeous birds nesting on these cliffs – gannets, guillemots, razor-bills, gulls, shags and puffins. I don’t know how they manage to perch on such narrow ledges let alone stop their eggs and hatchlings from falling to their doom!

Quite a sight!!

My first flying lesson! – Photographs over the East Riding!

Liz bought me a flying lesson for my birthday (and some life insurance!). I’ve been saving it up and today was the day!

It was fabulous.

We took off from Leven airfield. As soon as we started flying I was handed the controls. I flew out to sea and along the coast to Scarborough and back.

It was a hour flight and I did it all – banking, climbing, dipping – but not crashing. It was fun. Quite strange holding those controls with the wind buffeting us. The views were incredible. I had my camera and took some shots out of the window with one hand while holding the plane steady!

I think I’ll do it again!


My plane being fueled by the pilot


Me flying out to sea with the cliffs of flamborough below


Filey Brigg


Quite high!


A bit of East Riding patchwork.


Flamborough Lighthouse


Bempton cliffs with seabirds

DSC09479 DSC09501

North Frodingham

DSC09507 DSC09513 DSC09514

More East Riding

DSC09519 DSC09526 DSC09530 DSC09534 DSC09536 DSC09543

Coming in to land.


The airfield.


I didn’t crash once!

I’m sure Liz will enjoy Bunje jumping! Can’t wait for her birthday to come round!