Flamborough – The old chalk Lighthouse

The old Napoleonic lighthouse stood on the cliffs harking back to the old days of wooden sailing ships. An incredible set of views; a most beautiful setting.

Cliffs teeming with nesting birds! Photos

Fantastic to see so many gorgeous birds nesting on these cliffs – gannets, guillemots, razor-bills, gulls, shags and puffins. I don’t know how they manage to perch on such narrow ledges let alone stop their eggs and hatchlings from falling to their doom!

Quite a sight!!

Recent walks – Across the meadows to Bempton – photos

We went to visit the bird sanctuary at Bempton when the gannets, puffins, razorbills, gulls and guillemots nest. It was late Spring and the fields were alive with the colour of wild flowers.

We could see the 2nd World War defences and radar station on the cliffs. The meadow cranesbill was in full bloom. The Jackdaws were hunting. A beautiful day.