One in twenty people hear voices!!

It seems that you do not have to be up the top of mountains, wandering through the wilderness or in a cave to hear voices.
One in twenty people hear voices in their heads. Most people who suffer this do not pay too much attention to it. They accept it and go on living their lives. Some people find it annoying.

The amazing thing is that some of these people seem to believe that it is some fictitious supernatural beings talking to them that they call god.

That’s fine with me except they feel the need to share it with everyone else, claim it is real and want to impose a whole series of rituals, dress-codes and rules on everyone. That I do not like.

More incredibly there are billions of gullible people who give credibility to these voices and adopt the rules as a life-style.

It just goes to show what an insecure and needy lot of people human beings are! They have to be told what to do!

Schizophrenia is not greatly understood. Hearing voices is a symptom. The mind is a delicate organ.

Hopefully we will have a good treatment for it soon. I know that because the voices told me!

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