Music to keep me SANE during Isolation – Bert Jansch

Every day I go out for a walk of about two hours. It helps keep me fit and sane. I’m incredibly fortunate to be out here in a village in the countryside. There are some beautiful walks.

As I’ve been wandering along up hills and down lanes I’ve found myself whistling and even singing (yes I know) various tunes that come into my head – Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land is one that often presents itself. Another is Bert Jansch’s Strolling Down the Highway.

It certainly seemed to suit the vibe. A warm sun, big skies and a pleasant stroll. Busy going nowhere.

So today I’m going to be playing some classic Bert Jansch and mellow out!!

Play it again Bert!

Tim O’Connor’s Open Mic at the Sailmaker’s Arms in Hull – Photos.

Tim kindly invited me along to the Sailmaker’s Arms in the Old Town in Hull. They do an open mic session there every Sunday Afternoon and Wednesday evening. I’ve been meaning to go for the last year or so and something always seems to come up! Finally I made it.

It was great. The sun shone on a great band of troubadours as they shared their music in an acoustic bliss. It was fun and greatly enjoyed by all who were there in the courtyard. They are a very talented and welcoming group.

The music and poems was brilliant ranging from Utah Philips, Leon Rosselson to John Lennon with a number of originals on the way.

Here’s a few photos from the afternoon (you can download off here if you want to!):

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Edwina Hayes at the Ship Inn 2015 – with support from Alistair and Stevie.

IMG_2065 IMG_2078 IMG_2084 IMG_2083 IMG_2094 IMG_2085 IMG_2080 IMG_2067 IMG_2062

Edwina Hayes has the most delightful voice, writes great songs and can play beautifully. She deserves to be playing stadia with huge crowds and selling CDs by the ton. That voice is worth a million pounds of anyone’s money. When is an astute promoter going to move in and snap her up? She should be on TV all over the world.

On a cold day in Brid she lit up the Ship Inn with the warmth of her personality.

It was all to our benefit. We got to see and hear a true genius in a great informal surround. She is so personable that she warmed everyone.

It was a grey day but Edwina made it a great afternoon.

The support was also brilliant. Stevie Mould sang some great songs with confidence and panache. Alistair Artingstal played some brilliant delicate guitar and sang soft and gentle through a batch of melodic masterpieces.

Thank you to the great Ship Inn in Sewerby for putting it on!! I loved every minute!!