In and around the Giant Buddha

We walked all around the giant Buddha. Underneath was a large space full of various statues and artworks.

Some of the Impressive Artwork from Burton Agnes Hall!

In between the lulls in the music we were free to wander through the hall and gardens. It’s packed with fabulous artwork. Impressionists, old portraits, sculptures and modern art. Quite a formidable display. If I had a bit more time I could have taken better shorts and got the light and colour better – but there was music to listen to!

Featured Book – Danny’s Story – the artwork.

The cover for this book has been a bit of a problem. I wanted to use a painting of mine of the actual flat that I based the book on. The only problem was that I had already used the painting for The Book of Ginny.


This is the painting of the living room I wanted to use that had already been used on The Book of Ginny.


This is one of the bedroom that did not seem quite right for this book – not quite right for the image of the character Danny Champion. It was too soft and feminine..


This is the only other one I had from the flat. While it portrayed a view of the room it was not a very satisfying image.

So I had a think. I decided to combine two painting and thus create a different effect to that of the Ginny one.

I liked the effect.

There is a lot of controversy over my use of my artwork for my book covers. While they are rather unique there is a view that they are amateurish and do not give the impression of a well-written book. What do you think? Should I go for something more mainstream and professional looking?

This book took fifty years in the making.

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