The fabulous tiles of Porto.

The ceramic tiles of Portugal are fabulous works of art. The tiled houses are a picture!

Portugal – Porto – More Art and Architecture.

We were heading for Brazil and a trip down the Amazon. It did not really feel as if we had begun. January in Porto was not quite tropical splendour, steamy jungle or wilderness. It was good though!

So much to see.

I like the art, the architecture and bustling streets. It was good to get a beer, sit out and think about what lay in store ahead! Brazil!!

Funchal, sled rides, tiles, art, churches.

Being Portuguese there is a strong Catholic presence. Religion is big. The typical blue Portuguese tilework is impressive and the churches lavish. Even for someone like me, for whom religion is abhorrent, one cannot help but be impressed with the beauty of the artwork.

Tourism is their main source of income. You can go up the hill and pay for a sled-ride down through the streets. I imagine it used to be really wild but these days, with health and safety, it’s pretty tame.

Lisbon – Pastéis de Nata, tiles, fountains, trams and statues -photos

We have been to Portugal a number of times. It is delightful. It is always good to walk around, sample the Pastéis de Nata and beer and enjoy the vibe.



Pastéis de Nata

I love the tiled buildings.

Blue blossom and trams!