Lisbon – Praça do Comércio and surrounds – Photos

A great place to sit outside with a cool beer to watch the tourists, the locals, trams and then stroll off to look at the wonderful coloured tiled buildings.

Exploring Lisbon – Photos

When I was young we hitched to places and partied. Now I’m older I visit places, see the sights and drink it in. It’s a different experience.

Nowadays the art jumps out at me. I see the beauty and I enjoy it. Back then I was too full of fire to settle. There was too much life in me, too much to understand and explain. Now I am quieter.

Lisbon – The Cathedral – Photos

We walked up the narrow streets to the cathedral. Inside it was massive.

We went up into the gallery where we gained an insight to the immensity of the building.

From the top there were views over the city.

Very impressive. These religious people sure do like to show off.

Lisbon – Pastéis de Nata, tiles, fountains, trams and statues -photos

We have been to Portugal a number of times. It is delightful. It is always good to walk around, sample the Pastéis de Nata and beer and enjoy the vibe.



Pastéis de Nata

I love the tiled buildings.

Blue blossom and trams!

Lisbon – at the top of the Elevador de Santa Justa

Having gone up the Lisbon the Elevador de Santa Justa we had a wander, went into the museum and had a coffee.

There was a ruined church that we could not go in.

I liked the flower in the muzzle.

Outside the museum was a guard and some guy in a cartoon suit. I bet that was hot in summer.

We had a walk back down through the narrow, windy streets.

Lisbon – the gothic Elevador de Santa Justa – photos

The Elevador de Santa Justa is a gothic gem of wrought iron that gives a magnificent view over the city. It is like a lift in a casing of beautiful wrought iron.

Great views over the city.

The ironwork is beautiful.

What an incredible, unique structure the Elevador de Santa Justa is.