Porto – coppiced trees, art, sculpture, park, cathedrals, tiles and Harry Potter

We headed off into the city. I was taken by the weird trees in the park, the graffiti, tilework, sculpture and architecture!

Rio De Janeiro – Brazil – The colour of Brazil.

Brazil feels edgy. There is that mixture of great wealth and huge poverty. The very poor have no got a lot to lose. There is also the polarity between great architecture, the old and the new, and the slums of the favellas. There are the opulant churches which still hold a lot of the poor in their thrall. When life is hard and cheap I guess you have to believe in something. The Catholic church sure did a good job of brainwashing the poor.

The Olympic Games was coming. There was a mad building programme to remove a lot of the eyesores.

Then there is Nature. Even in the city a bit of the rainforest intrudes.

More Photos from the South of France – a fabulous region.

It was in 2003 that we ventured back into France. I love the culture, the people, food and wine. The scenery is spectacular.

It was an opportunity for me to utilise the language skills I picked up at school – strangely the French people did not seem to understand their own language!

Poetry – Castles, Cathedrals, Banks and Facebook.

Castles, Cathedrals, Banks and Facebook.

Castles and cathedrals –

Once so clear

Where the power lay.

Ramparts and spires

To reach up to the heavens.

Kings and Bishops

Gave way to bankers.

Mighty edifices

Towering into the sky,

Screaming power and wealth.

Now Internet giants

Wielding power to make or break,

Build their temples –

Impregnable and glassy,

Reflecting their glory.

Whoever these people may be

It is always our money used

To elevate themselves.

They peer down at us,

And reign over us.

Opher – 15.10.2020

I found it interesting walking around in Vigo Spain. The Cathedrals were beautiful and empty, the castle ramparts dilapidated, the banks had incredible facades with statues and art but were beginning to look grubby.

Once the castles and cathedrals held all the power. The Kings and Bishops vied for supremacy. The buildings were the symbols of their authority.

Now the King’s power has gone and the churches no longer hold sway over people.

The power moved to the banks. They accumulated vast wealth – sufficient to make or break nations.

But in the modern day even their wealth is small compared to that of Google, Amazon and Facebook – whose wealth and influence dwarves everyone. They influence elections and control our lives. Their headquarters are the modern-day cathedrals – screaming where the power lies.