Prague – Walking the Streets with Franz Kafka

A beautiful sunny Autumn with coloured leaves falling all around, a coffee at Kafka’s cafe, a stroll through an old city full of memories.

Lima – The cathedral

I’m not attracted to religious buildings because of religion. Being an atheist that side of things is amusing. What interests me is the architecture and art.

Religions run a power business. They compete with royalty in the game of impressing. While Kings and Queens build palaces and fortresses that are intended to intimidate religions build temples, mosques and cathedrals.

They both employ the very best artisans and artists.

It was fun to see the school kids dressed in bright coloured uniforms so that they can be easily spotted.

Abu Dhabi – The incredible Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Religions build cathedrals, temples and mosques in order to impress. If someone is prepared to invest so much time and effort it must be true.

They employ the best architects and artisans.

Ceratinly the The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque  is impressive. I think the name says it all. Someone wanted their name to be recognised. In past times Trump might well have built a cathedral, temple or mosque. Instead he built Trump Tower.

The beauty of this mosque was breath-taking.

Rome by day – some photos

There is so much to see in Rome – starting with the art treasures in the Vatican. While representing some of the poorest people in the world the Catholic Church accumulated a huge wealth of treasures and art. One wonders why?

Apart from the Vatican it seems that every corner has an architectural joy, a historical gem or sculpture.

Singapore by night – photos

We took a boat-ride along the waterways around Singapore. It gave a unique view of the new development that is the modern Singapore. All the bamboo shacks have been cleared. There is great prosperity in the air.

I enjoyed it greatly but a part of me hankered for the old days. It felt a little too sanitised.