Just think of our potential?


If you can just imagine for one minute the potential of human beings. If we were for once able to put aside the hatred, greed, selfishness, religious and political fanaticism, racism, and arrogance and pool our mental resources to deal with the world’s problems we could solve anything.

World Population crisis.


Religious conflict.


Third World exploitation.

Clash of political ideology.

Environmental devastation.

Energy crisis.

Limited resources.

There’s not a single thing that there isn’t a solution to. All it takes is the will, the financial resources, political will and unity.

I put my faith in the United Nations charter of Human Rights. If we do not start to think globally then we have no hope.

My greatest sorrow is for the billions of animals that we are decimating on a daily basis. We are butchering these wild animals for food, destroying their habitat, taking over their territory, eating their food, shooting them for pleasure and leaving them nowhere to go. I fear we are at a cross-roads. If we do not start to address the issues right now it will be too late for so many of them. I personally do not want to live on a world where we are responsible for mass extinction. It’s too horrible to contemplate.

Help form a positive zeitgeist. Help put it right before it is too late!

I believe we can make a difference.