I believe in personal freedom.

The freedoms we have in this society of ours had to be fought for through civil protest and paid for with blood. They were never freely given.

I believe in the right to follow whatever religion, or none, without coercion.

I believe in the right to support whatever political ideology I wish.

I believe indoctrinating young children in politics or religion is child abuse.

I believe in the right to chose my sexual partner.

I believe in the right to speak my mind, walk where I like, go about my life without hindrance, deride the stupid things my government do, deride religion and public servants and express my views on all manner of subjects.

I want to listen to what I want, read and watch what I want and partake in whatever I want with the proviso that my activities do not hurt other people, animals or the environment. I am opposed to censorship.

I support laws that restrict my freedom when it comes to such things as torture, slavery, exploitation, paedophilia, racism, violence and environmental damage. It makes sense not to jump red lights or go the wrong way up streets. It is only when laws become bureaucratic, and trivial that I consider that they infringe on my freedom.

I do not believe in anarchy – I believe that results in giving power to powerful bullies.

I believe in fairness, justice and equality. What consenting adults do in private, if it causes no harm, is their own business.

The society I live in has a good deal of freedom. I think it stands out as a beacon in the face of so many repressive regimes who wish to take away personal freedom in the name of religion, politics or morality.

Freedom is worth standing up for!

We create the zeitgeist!