Red poppies – no remembrance of heroes!

I am a pacifist. I do not believe that war is the answer to anything.

War merely creates death, fury and revenge.

It destroys, kills innocents and terrorises.

War is a political tool deployed to gain power.

I believe violence creates more violence.

No matter how good it may make you feel to hit out and hurt someone there is always a better way. It may take longer but the end result is always better.

I do not like the ‘Red Poppy’ – it has become an institution. Insincere politicians pay lip service, jingoistic politics rules and nationalism and patriotism are stirred in a torrid mix.

The red poppy was adopted as a reminder of the agonies of war, the brutality, dehumanising nature and industrial slaughter; to remind ourselves of its futility, stupidity and waste so that we might never make the same horrendous mistakes again. It appears to have become almost a glorification of heroes.

There is nothing glorious or heroic about war.

War is an obscenity.

When a bullet hits a person it wounds both the firer and the recipient. It makes monsters out of humans.

Our soldiers often do horrible things in terrible situations. They are often brave and courageous but mostly they are ordinary people following orders for dubious reasons.

Soldiers are the tools of politicians. These are the same politicians who sanctimoniously parade at the cenotaph and pay lip service to the truth of conflict.

Let us remember the blown off limbs, damaged brains, corrupted lungs, shattered minds, corrupted morals and make sure it never happens again!

Perhaps the white poppy is more fitting!