The people in control do not know what they are doing!

It is blatantly obvious that the people who are supposedly running this planet do not know what they are doing.

Politicians do not think about the real issues. They are only interested in power, votes and re-election.

The billionaire’s are only looking to make a quick buck, exploit and profit. They bribe and control the politicians and hold the world to ransom.

The real issues of out of control overpopulation, massive pollution, destruction of rainforest, species eradication, invertebrate decimation and vertebrate annihilation are not being addressed as the crisis they are.

The inevitable outcome from a biologist’s perspective is that the human population will meet with a catastrophe not far down the line. It will probably take the form of a virus.

For the elephants, rhinos, tigers and chimps, the remaining insects, birds and hedgehogs this probably cannot come a minute too soon!

It is about time the politicians and industrialists woke up to the fact that there is more to life than making a profit, growth and economic wealth. There’s an ecosystem out there that is our support system. It provides our oxygen, food, water and weather. We are inextricably linked into it.

If they do not wake up soon it will be too late!

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Our grandchildren deserve a better future! We can put it right! Limit the population! Build a new positive zeitgeist! Take the power from the politicians and madmen!