Beheadings – primitive cowardice of a religion bereft of morality!

The perverted minds of modern-day barbarians using religion as an excuse for their barbaric thuggery.
History is littered with the horrendous acts of religious fanatics as they force their ridiculous views on others through torture, cruelty and the infliction of as much pain and terror as they can manufacture.
No sane god would sanction the cruelty of religious fanatics.
Indoctrination of children

Judaism and Christianity have both had their barbaric pasts but Islam is presently the most inhuman.

If there was a god who sanctioned such things he would have to be fundamentally evil.

It is time we put religion back into its mediaeval past along with all its crusades, jihads, pogroms, inquisitions, blasphemy laws and other superstitious nonsense constructed out of the fears, weaknesses, stupidity and flawed logic of men.

There is no god. It is time we stopped using that excuse and grow up. There is no justification for beheading an innocent man, flying a plane full of innocent people into a building or forcing women to have to wear burqas.

Let us build a new zeitgeist built on fairness and equality!!