Human extinction

As a biologist I am used to seeing graphs representing population crashes. A population will experience exponential growth and then run out of food, space, resources or suffer disease. The population will then crash.

We are at that point.

The most likely cause of our demise will be a virus.

If we do not limit our numbers we will suffer a catastrophic crash that will likely lead to our extinction.

In order to avoid this there are simple measures we can undertake:

1. Limit and reduce our population

2. Make our technology more efficient

3. Stop polluting our environment

4. Give at least 50% of our planet to wilderness and other wild-life

5. Live in harmony with the ecosystem

6. Put resources into developing a range of anti-virals.

The question remains as to whether we are going to use our intelligence or carry on blindly following superstition, warfare, mindless growth, and expansion?

Science and technology has the answers. Religion, inequality, selfishness and greed creates the problems.

Our politicians are part of the problem. Our bankers and greedy businessmen are part of the problem.

Help build a better world – build a better zeitgeist!