A precocious auto-obituary.

I have loved this brief interlude we call life. My eyes opened into a wonderful world full of love. I spent my life in a wondrous universe full of mystery.

I have loved and been loved and wrested every last bit of joy, fulfilment and pleasure out of my days. I have fought for freedom, tolerance and equality.

I have given vent to my passions, unleashed my creativity and spent my days with children, wife, family and friends in laughter, shared quiet and enjoyment.

The dark times have only served to make the light shine more brightly.

Through my love of music I have been enthralled with excitement.

I have read and written my fill, painted and talked, delighted in argument and taught to my utmost as I search to build a better world.

I have no god and no future in heaven. When the light flickers out in my eyes so will I. All that will remain are the memories in others and the artefacts.

That is surely enough.

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