USA and Brazil – idiotic blindness or gross irresponsibility?


Nearly 200 countries came together to produce a comprehensive plan to tackle climate warming at the 24th UN Climate Summit. Only the stupidity of a few climate warming deniers, such as the USA and Brazil, are refusing to participate. Trump and Bolsonaro both, for political reasons, choose to believe the tiny minority of climate warming deniers. For economic and political reasons, they want to support the coal, oil and gas industry.

Trump was voted in by the blue-collar workers whose old technology industries were being shut down. Rather than move on to the new alternative energy industries he promised to keep their old polluting technologies going. There is nothing intelligent about this decision. It is merely a cynical ploy to gain votes. It requires ignoring all the warnings about climate warming. It is short-termist thinking. Instead of promoting the technologies of the future they are stuck in the technologies of the past. In the long run these old industries are doomed. America could be at the forefront of the new technologies but is allowing other countries to leave them in their wake.

Bolsonaro is similar but even worse. He was elected for the same reasons as Trump ā€“ so many are being left behind in extreme poverty by this globalisation that is lining the pockets of a small elite at the expense of the vast majority. They wanted someone to represent them and chose an extreme right-wing popularist. He promised to deal with their poverty by bulldozing the rainforest and stimulating the economy. Without regard for the future he wants to remove all environmental considerations. Building roads and motorways through the Amazon he plans to give free-rein to the logging and mining companies with no thought for the wildlife or pollution. All that matters is short-term gain.

This is capitalism gone mad. All that matters is profit. The mantra is growth. The result is huge profits for the few. They leave the vast majority of people in squalor as the inequality grows.

Surely somehow, we have to get out of this crazy cycle?

The world does not have infinite resources. It is necessary for us to both limit our numbers and live sustainable. The natural world is precious. We have to protect it.

So well-done the responsible 200! Time to wake up to the real world Trump and Bolsonaro!

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