Journey Pt. 17 – Vietnam – Hue the Lads!! – Photos

Vietnam is amazing. I never thought, following the protracted war, that I’d ever get to visit.

Opher's World

Here we are in Chan May which is none too inspiring – little more than a dock surrounded by hills of very verdant rainforest, with no discernible township to visit, and it was raining. Mind you warm rain is not as bad as cold rain but the dismal light does make everything look drab.

We were up at the crack of dawn to be transported off to Hue – once the capital of Vietnam. It was two hours away so there was a bit of travelling if we were to see anything. After a hurried breakfast we were whisked through countryside resplendent with bright green paddy fields, regaled with water buffalo, shrines and cemeteries and dotted with very slight individuals wearing their conical bamboo hats. There were the customary bicycles, scooters and a few cars and towns but no time to investigate. The rain persisted – I know – rain!…

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