Journey Pt. 16 How Long Halong? Halong Bay – Vietnam – Photos.

A magical place infested with tourists. I guess we all want to see the wonders of the world!

Opher's World

We slipped out of Hong Kong late at night, slid between the dark hills and out to sea.


The next day we were entering the Hainan Straits heading for Vietnam. The Hainan Straits had been built up as an event. I was eager to see this interesting spectacle. However the Chinese had plans to thwart our intent. The Chinese had sanctioned our passage with certain stipulations – under no circumstances were any photographs to be taken on deck! The threat was delivered with great intensity leaving one with the thought that if any of us were to be foolish enough to sneak a snap of anything of interest a missile would surely blow the ship to smithereens. Searching the skies for signs of Chinese surveillance satellites or drones I determined to take a few shots anyway. You only have to tell me not to do something and it is…

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