Flowers and plants near Sorrento

Herbicides have certainly taken their toll on our own wild flowers. The flower-laden meadows and hedgerows are nowhere near as colourful or full of insects as they used to be.

I noticed it in Devon and the Lake District which are largely dairy areas so do not get sprayed so much with herbicides and pesticides. There are many more insects and the verges are more colourful.

It seems that the councils are becoming more aware of conservation needs – probably as a result of the loss of our honey bees (absolutely unbelievably disastrous). They are leaving the verges unmown. It allows the plants to grow providing habitat for insects and animals. What a great idea. These verges also provide corridors for wildlife. I applaud it.

In Italy it was a pleasure to walk out in the countryside and see the profusion of wild plants and insects. Wonderful. I loved the colour and scents and the buzz of life they produced.

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