Wildlife around Sorrento

I spent my youth in fields, up trees, in ditches and ponds collecting caterpillars, frogs, newts, lizards, toads, snakes and slowworms. I loved nature.

I find it distressing to see the streams all clear of darting sticklebacks with fiery red stomachs and not to find a hundred grasshoppers flying out with every step. The ponds are no longer festooned with frogspawn in spring and the numbers of swifts and swallows are rocketing down. Squashed hedgehogs used to be a daily sight. There are few around now.

What are we doing?

I never saw a swallowtail in England but in the hills around Sorrento there were hundreds of them. It was difficult to get a shot because they were so lively.

I love the European common lizard they are so green. They were all over the place.

There were a lot of invertebrates too. Without them the other creatures have nothing to feed on.

These bright green frogs were mating in a pond at Herculaneum and making a hell of a noise as they croaked and splashed. In England they’ve mainly just croaked.

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