A James Varda Day! A relatively unknown singer who I rate highly.

James was a delightful character, a pleasant man, a great songwriter and performer, and someone who died much too young.

His first album Hunger was a tour de force with shades of the power of Dylan. When it did not take off, and with the collapse of his record label Awareness (run by Andy Ware) while he was in the process of recording his second album, he decided to leave the business.

After time away he began recording again, producing two delightful, laid-back albums. They were quieter, more melodic and softer than that debut album.

Then came the bad news – he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Some people would have gone into despair but not James. He poured all his feelings, hopes and experiences into one final brilliant dark album. It is the story of his terminal illness and a celebration of life on this great planet. It captured the pathos, beauty and wonder and was an extraordinary album.

Though it is dark and deals with death it is life-affirming.

I think it was a colossus.

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