GOP Moves To Criminalize Peaceful Protests

The tyranny of Trump?


Could peaceful protests like the Women’s March held in Washington, D.C. and many other cities around the globe this past weekend become a crime? In what looks like an all-out assault on First Amendmen

Source: GOP Moves To Criminalize Peaceful Protests

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8 thoughts on “GOP Moves To Criminalize Peaceful Protests

  1. I just have to believe that cooler heads will prevail in the end. This morning Trump got torqued because Mexico’s president scuzzed him off and cancelled his meeting with Trump. Trump tweeted he was going to get them to pay for this wall one way or another by charging them more to send their produce here. It wasn’t even half an hour before Republicans were cleaning up the droppings saying that was one thing they COULD do, but they had no plans to do that. So six days into this they’re having to run around behind him as he fills his drawers and clean up his messes. How long, I wonder, till those folks get tired of doing that? They thought they’d be able to rein him in. They created him, but not they can’t control him, just clean up after him.

    And you know the sad thing? People were tweeting stuff like, “That’s ok. We’ll just get our produce right here in the US!” These wonderful, misinformed citizens have no idea that the US doesn’t produce enough anymore to support this country. We import most of our fruits and veggies. So what’s going to happen if Trump does something like that? That’s right, boys and girls, look forward to shelling out even more of your hard-earned bucks at the grocery store as Mexico raises it’s prices on the food it imports into the US. What an ignorant nation we are.

      1. Bran believes that things will shift as soon as Trump has his first melt down. The fact that he shuts himself in his room at the White House and watches nothing but newscasts (and Saturday Night Live which is supposed to be ALL about him this week), then gets on social media and has a hissy fit ought to be the first clue this man is an unbalanced narcissist. But I think something bad is going to have to happen before the Republicans seriously try to rein him in. In fact, I’m wondering if members of our government from both sides with come together in a similar set up as your parliament and a new party will be born to deal with him. Republicrats? Demopublicans? The Smart Party?

      2. Perhaps that is what is needed. There is no left-wing in America. A new centre-left party would be great. Shame Bernie Saunders wasn’t the candidate. He would have won. I bet the democrats are kicking themselves now.

    1. Cheryl, what do you mean “if members of our government from both sides will come together in a similar set up AS YOUR PARLIAMENT and a new party will be born…” – are you of the opinion a new party is being set up in the UK if it is what is it, or is this the fantasy of others. Or are you referring to the immense damage those that refuse to acknowledge we are OUT of Europe, are trying to overturn democratic Votes.

      1. I merely meant modeled after Britain’s type of coalition governing. (Though I may not understand it correctly.) I wasn’t talking about anything going on in the UK.

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