Trump’s Achievements in a nutshell!

These seem to be some of the main proposals:

  1. To bring back torture
  2. To intensify the war in the Middle East (a second war on terror? – didn’t the first one spawn ISIS?)
  3. To alienate Iran
  4. To build a pipeline regardless of environmental impact and treaties with the native Americans
  5. To tear up environmental treaties – denying climate change, environment destruction and pollution
  6. To do away with Health Care for poorer people
  7. To do away with legislation on health and safety, work standards and pollution
  8. To reinvigorate dirty polluting industries (coal, oil, gas, fracking ……)
  9. To bully Mexico and start a trade war so he can say they paid for the wall
  10. To ban Muslims from a number of countries from entering America
  11. To build a wall
  12. To tear up trade deals
  13. To ban all forms of protest and marches
  14. To bully the media, call them liars and brand the media as fake news
  15. To put out lies as fact

I’ve probably missed a few out. But not a bad start for a tyrant! We’ll see how much of it he gets done and what the reaction of ordinary folk is to what is going on.

Bumpy has just developed into mad careering down hill towards a precipice.

39 thoughts on “Trump’s Achievements in a nutshell!

  1. Not too sure of where or who is informing you on a few points. But what’s new.
    Whilst most of your points are hysterical conjecture – these few actually have some basis.
    3. to make sure nobody sells Uranium to Iran.
    4. The pipeline is 90% completed. You were informed of this a few weeks ago.
    It’s an underground pipleline and causes no environmental problems.
    It is the safest and cleanest way to transport oil.
    It takes oil transport off the rail networks. It frees the rail networks up to allow the farmers to
    transport grain cheaper. They had been complaining of road costs.
    6. Obama Care was terrible so he’s scrapping it.
    9. The Wall has been in existence for some years now, but there’s big holes in it. He’s only going
    to finish it off.
    14. It’s been proven that the media committed foul play. They deserve to get trashed. And
    anyone who doesn’t understand that is a simpleton.
    15. ? Says who?

      1. It’s not a case of defending or taking sides.
        I’m more interested in making a valid point where a valid point is required. I think you just failed to do that here.
        In the cases in question, I think you were either mistaken – which is the case and evidently so, such as the pipeline and the wall – both are absolutely nothing new and had nothing to do with Trump.
        So what do you have to say about them?

        Furthermore, we know it would not be good for Iran to get hold of Uranium.
        We know that Obama Care was a disaster.
        We know that the media was heavily manipulated.

        So what’s your point?
        Do you disagree with the Iran situation?
        Would you be entirely happy were Iran able to obtain Uranium?

        So what’s to complain about?
        These are true facts Opher. There’s no bullshit required.
        Go check them out if you’re not entirely sure.
        But I think it’s a basic necessity to be accurate.

      2. Inaccurate use of facts again Andrew.
        Trump has said that he is in favour of torture, is opening the black secret torture camps again and sees nothing wrong in waterboarding people.
        To my mind torture is inexcusable. Innocent people get caught up in it and it inflames and radicalises while providing false information. No civilised country should resort to torture. We’re meant to be setting an example.
        There are 700 miles of wall built along the Mexico/US border. It is 1900 miles long.
        The two pipelines are far from built and not only environmentally damaging in construction but diverting away from the need to produce alternative sustainable energy that is non-polluting.
        Iran is a real danger in the Middle East. It requires expert diplomatic techniques. Trump’s belligerence is clearly extremely dangerous. Israel, or at least the rather aggressive right-wing extremists, seem to be pulling the strings here.
        You do not seem to care about the environmental impact at al Andrew. I think it is fundamentally important.
        The media did not commit foul play. He doesn’t like them exposing him and his Russian connections, his lies and his exploitation of people. A democracy is only as good as its media. We see the same tactics here as in Turkey – the flouting of democracy.
        All the ingredients of a fascist tyrant of the worst order!

      3. Opher, again you’ve shot yourself in the foot.
        Why can’t you stick to the point in hand?
        You’ve done it again haven’t you?
        Where is my point about torturing people, Opher?
        Nowhere. Why? Because I didn’t make one.
        I didn’t need to.

        I simply pointed out to you the real state of affairs regarding several other points.
        It was me who brought the facts of the matter about the wall and about the pileline.
        I told you about them ages ago. And now you spit them back at me like I didn’t know about them? Fuck off with you.

        The USA needs to have these pipelines to move stuff around. If you can’t understand that then you really do have a problem. It’s all underground. It’s safe, clean and non pollutant.
        The Dakota Access is almost complete. That’s a fact. Check it out for yourself.
        And desist from dribbling down your trousers any further.

        I think I’ve got a handle on Iran, Opher. Thanks all the same.
        They cannot ever get their hands on Uranium, that’s a given.
        But considering Mrs Clinton recently sold Russia some, the chances of some going elsewhere are ever higher.
        Iran is in no different a position politically that it’s been since 1979. That said, its probably got the most moderate leadership its ever had since 1979.

        Did you really just say what you said about the US media?
        You are clueless aren’t you?
        Opher, I don’t know if this has escaped your attention, but USA has 6 major media outlets. During the election process the Democrats controlled 5 of them. Why don’t you know this? How could you not know this at this stage?
        Your stupidity and naivety leaves me speechless.

        As for the rest of your rubbish. What the hell is there to compare with Turkey and USA?
        This is where you left-wing jerks let loose the slop bucket and let it splash all over you.
        Quote: “a democracy is only as good as its media”.
        Good grief Opher, what junior level crap is this?
        Is this an example of leftist doctrine by numbers?
        It’s almost funny.
        I must try and remember that one.

      4. Sorry – I was spelling it out because I was talking to you. It never goes in.
        The pipeline is being looked at by the State Department. That’s who should be dealing with it and looking through all the implications.
        The media in the States is the most right-wing egocentric I’ve seen anywhere. AntiTrump? Who wouldn’t be?
        Certainly not the facts of the matter is it Andrew – it’s your take on the matter – totally different. Contrary to your high opinion of yourself you are not the definitive source of unbiased information and knowledge. You merely gather material that suits your argument and ignore things that don’t fit.
        Torture for instance. Nice guy Trump.

      5. Yes, Opher, that’s what the State Department does. And?
        It’s hardly a brand new topic is it?

        How can the media in USA be the most right wing you’ve ever seen? It was paid for by the Democrats for how long?
        You don’t half talk some clap-trap.

    1. For America, yes. They would be the closest thing to left-wing Opher. But that’s a no-brainer, even for you.
      What a stupid question!

      Do yourself a favour and go check out exactly who and why manipulated which major media corporations before the election.
      There only are 6 majors and 5 have been accused of being on the payroll.

      It’s amazing that you’ve taken on this airy-fairy ‘I’m above it all’ take concerning Trump’s comments on torture. Quite what lead to such discussion I’ll never know but indicative of the loose canon mentality of the standard of some media personnel these day that ask such questions.
      But what’s more amazing is his willingness to state where he stands on the issue. It would seem that no subject is off limits and its all transparent.
      That of course is anathema for leftists who prefer to scurry about corridors whispering secretively and furtively.
      However, it appears you jumped the gun as per the news interview today whereby his Sec of Def doesn’t want to employ such devices, so it looks like torture is off the menu.

      I was also delighted to see how poorly that fat ugly cow, Dianne Abbott, who’s the Shadow Home Sec performed on Ch4’s news earlier tonight. What a disaster she is. What zero chances have Labour ever got with that on board.

      1. More drunken obscenity! You excel yourself.
        The democrats don’t even make it to the left-wing of the Tory Party. You are a sad case. Something’s eating you up real bad.

      2. Opher, it may surprise you, but it really doesn’t work the same way as how you have been indoctrinated with your preference for left wing and right wing.
        The closest thing to the Labour Party you’re going to get over in the US would be the Democrats. I think the average person would agree that for the most part, US Democrats aren’t socialist. However, much like there is the Tea Party, which represents the right of the Republicans, there are groups of democrats who would prefer a party more like Labour in the UK. Bernie Sanders is seen as a socialist. And of course, there are other small US Parties that are socialist, but have never really gained momentum.

      3. Thank you for that Andrew. I have lived in the USA twice and do know it’s politics. That is precisely the point I was making. They don’t have a left-wing.

      4. Actually the point you were trying to make fell by the wayside as per usual probably due to a substantial lack of backup of evidence to your claim that the Dakota Access pipeline was “nowhere near finished.”.
        How near completion is it Opher?

      5. I’ll write slowly because obviously you have difficulty in keeping up. The Dakota pipeline is 87% complete but the Keystone one is a different story.
        Personally I’m not in favour of frying the planet and would prefer to develop sustainable energy rather than this archaic fossil fuel. I’d like to leave a few patches of natural world, plus a few animals, for my grandchildren, rather than a concrete jungle and surrounding palm oil plantations and desert.
        To rush these pipelines through without proper vetting is stupid. But then stupid is what Trump is.

      6. You sanctimonious retard, look back to my post in November.
        It was myself that informed YOU.

        In November, the Dakaota was 87% completed.
        This detail was not exactly what you had stated earlier was it?
        Obviously, that 87% figure will have increased slightly since November.

        The Keystone has been running since 2010.
        It was you who stated it had not actually been opened.
        Which is obviously not true.

        The question is whether to go with Stage 4 on Keystone, which has not actually been rushed through.
        The plans are years old. The plans have been around for a long time. This isn’t anything new. Hence, why it is termed ‘Stage 4’.

        The reasons and need for these pipelines are very sensible and promote good judgement and a sustainable and environmentally sensitive approach to what had been in previous times a dirty and polluting factor.
        Your conjecture over concrete jungles and palm oil plantations are completely irrelevant here.
        You have seen the photographs and can see the pilelines are all underground.
        They can transport millions of barrels of oil a day.
        The freight trains are freed up for farmers to use.
        Farmers can now move their grain cross-state cheaper than by road. The farmers have been complaining for years about not gaining nearly enough access to freight trains.
        Less trucks are on the road, therefore, less pollution.
        The fact is right now at this juncture Oil is not going to go away in a hurry.
        Alternative energies are nowhere near developed to meet the power needs of USA.
        Alternative energy on such a massive scale is a long way off.
        There’s no magic wand.

      7. Sustainable energy requires funding. When you have an archaic retard in power who wants to fuck up the entire planet with his disregard of all environmental policy and is a climate change denier we have a major problem.
        The Keystone pipeline has a new proposed branch that needs stopping.
        Fossil fuels are polluting and past technology. Even China has realised that.
        Trump is a complete obnoxious cretin who is a complete sociopath. One day you will wake up and start using whatever sense you have left to realise that.
        You are defending a man who is shaping up to be a complete nincompoop.
        There is more to running a country than business. He isn’t even good at that. People and the environment count for a lot more!

      8. Yes Opher, good to see you’ve caught on to the financial aspect of things. You left-wing people are not exactly well known for much aptitude regards economics and entrepreneurial pursuits.
        As I said, Stage 4 has been in the plan for a long time.

        You do have a problem don’t you? FFS, because you don’t personally like a person that informs all your decision making process. How retarded and backward are you?
        The more you say here, the more pity I have for your completely myopic scope on life. It’s pathetic, because it doesn’t end there.
        What did you just say “he isn’t even very good at business”!
        Opher, it may have gone past you, but he’s personally worth around $3.4 Billion.

      9. That’s debateable. What he actually owes is very hard to establish. He’s got there through exploitation, fraud and tax avoidance – a man after your own heart. The biggest bastard around. If you think that is the way to run business – to fuck everyone over and avoid contributing then that again is revealing of your own attitudes. The man is an abomination.

      10. No that figure isn’t. That’s a reality. It’s anything else on top of that that is unknown.

        You worked in some school for christ sakes, you wouldn’t understand very much about finance and industry.
        Left-wing people are not too well known for having much knowledge about economics and job creation, business development and company expansion. They tend to look on in awe with a begging bowl.
        I know tax and stuff will be a mystery to you.

        The only person that has been fucked over here is yourself, but that’s self induced because of your lack of intelligence regards big business.

        Best you stick to class and you’ll do just fine.

      11. If you read around Andrew you’ll find that he’s put up a smokescreen around his affairs, has borrowed extensively and used every method in the book to write off debts and avoid paying his fair share of taxes or repay his debts. The man is a crook.
        How you can say any figure is accurate or known is just plain daft.
        For me Andrew your blinkered belief in a fascist says everything about you. If someone supports fascists, sees black and white fascist solutions to complex problems, is OK with fascist laws and tyranny, then there is only one conclusion to come to. Why do you refuse to own it? Accept the label with pride. You’ve earned it.

      12. Read around Opher. He’s worth 3.4 billion. The rest is a cherry on the top. That’s the market value of his fixed assets, Opher. They are a given. You do know what fixed assets are, right?
        I really couldn’t give a fuck what he’s not paid, won’t pay or who he owes. Really I couldn’t. Quite how you validate yourself to be some kind of expert judge and jury here is nothing short of fucking laughable.
        It’s also got not a lot to do with you either. So perhaps you should concentrate on something else more viable, cos otherwise you’ll very quickly go hoarse repeating yourself like a stupid parrot.

        It would seem that you don’t actually know what Fascism is.
        That’s a healthy little list your slowly accruing there, what with Racism there already.

        It seems the guy has really got under your skin.
        It seems the guy could be messing with your head and fucking your life up a bit.
        Only an idiot would let that happen to themselves.
        Why don’t you drop him a line and put him right, Opher.
        Because could I give a fuck what bothers you about him?

      13. So if you own $3.4 billion and owe $4 billion how much are you worth?
        Don’t worry – I think I’ve got a good handle on sexism, racism, fascism and homophobia. I don’t need any help on that score.
        As for Trump – yes – I seem to have a dislike of people who want to trash the planet, trample on people’s rights, disrespect everyone, set up a tyranny and lie to everyone. I can’t think why. I do get these downs on people. I think it’s the thought of all those poor animals having their habitats trashed and poor people being exploited and shat on. It upsets me. But then I’ve got imagination, compassion and empathy to deal with.

      14. I’m sure you’ll figure it out all the same.
        An A-level in Economics is not required in this instance.

        I should remind you that its the very same politics of your fucking Labour party that has fucked this world up.
        The very same bunch of lunatics that you so willingly and frequently ticked the box on the ballot paper for.
        That load of leftist trash that ran this country into the fucking ground – your people – have taken this world back into the dark ages.
        I cannot travel about nearly as easily as I used to be able. Everything takes me several hours longer. Everything in that respect costs me more money.
        Your fucking Labour cunts destroyed this country for what?
        Even your own leftist cunts left in their droves and voted Tory. That’s an indication of how ghastly large parts of this country have become to live in.
        But you, stuck out in nowhere’sville nr, Hull, hasn’t got a fucking clue. The country has been swamped with sewer rats and you’re oblivious to it.

        And the very same Labour cunts who did this are making millions giving lectures!
        You fucking hypocritical little toady.

      15. Erudite, eloquent, analytical and intelligent – I applaud your use of succinct language.
        Unfortunately just a racist rant as per usual. You don’t suppose the Tories are doing great do you?

      16. Yes, I can be all these things when I have to be, want to be or chose to be.
        But I’m talking to a backward left-wing retarded cretin who can’t take responsibility for his own prior actions or accept responsibility for any of the disasters that his political beliefs have inflicted upon the country.
        What do you want? A Mary Poppins badge?

      17. I think someone who supports Trump out of his paranoia about terrorism can be described rather colourfully. Talking sense to you is like talking to a rock. There’s no reasoning going on, nobody at home. Same groove, same childish language, same silliness. It is so puerile it isn’t worth engaging with.
        Great fodder though.
        My political beliefs in fairness and equality have been a boon for this country. Before Labour was invented the country was run by a small elite for profit for that small elite. There were workhouses, poverty, terrible working conditions and hours, paupers pay, grime and disease. It was only by trade unions and the labour movement fighting for workers rights that we managed to claw some of it back from the greedy rich pigs.
        Your whole outlook is so blinkered and poorly thought through, so unintelligent, and so based on your racism and hatred of immigrants.
        Where I would agree with you is that there has been too much immigration too quickly. But that has been successive governments and was allowed to run because the bosses wanted cheap labour to maximise profits and the politicians wanted a thriving economy.
        I suggest you start using the intelligence you were born with instead of exercising your uncouth prejudice.

      18. Best that you actually read what is written Opher, instead of making stuff up to suit your own warped psyche.

        I have not uttered a single word about Trump and terrorism whatsoever. I have never supported Trump because of paranoia about terrorism. Why would I?
        For a start, I don’t live in USA, therefore, would not be subject to any terrorism in USA.

        I supported Trump ONLY because of his business acumen,
        and because he was not part of the corrupt Washington political brigade of which Hillary Clinton is their Queen.
        I could not possibly support anybody who threatens nuclear attack.
        You support people who threaten nuclear attack.
        You should hang your head in shame.

  2. Obama said those terrorists captured could be thrown against a wall as long as it did not hurt them, how lovely when these very terrorists he set free will blow up machine gun down people in Europe. At Least the President is trying to do something, so what if those Terrorists who hack off the heads of captured people, are you forgetting the British, whose heads were hacked off by another Brit, so what if these Terrorists are Tortured, what are you lot scared of, trying to make yourselves look so good, complaining that Terrorists might be tortured.
    As for Obama at last the truth of why he HATED the UK and its People has come Out, and the reason he removed the Bust of Churchill that always stands in the Oval Office, until him.

    1. So torture is OK. Even if a few innocents get caught up in it?
      Never in my book.
      So why did Obama hate the UK? I must have missed that one.

      1. Try listening to the news or reading the papers, as to the hatred that Obama had for this Country, the Country you happen to live in but seem to knock so much. A few innocents, well there are always innocents according to you. Try saying “innocent terrorists” to those that died in France, to a Pregnant woman hanging out of a window clinging on for life to all those dead in Germany, in Belgium etc etc.

      2. I have not read anything about Obama hating this country Anna. I think that’s in your head.
        Torturing people is just plain wrong. Whether they are guilty or not.
        There aren’t any innocent terrorists. There are innocent people accused of being terrorists though.
        I think your imagination runs away with you.

  3. Don’t forget the gag orders for many government agencies. Or selling off of public lands. Or putting our part of international public radio in the hands of a 20 year old fanatic. Other than that, this about sums it up.

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