We are all being controlled!

It is quite apparent that we are all controlled. But we are not necessarily controlled by the institutions we think control us.

Government does not control us – government is controlled.

The media manipulates us but the media is also manipulated.

Religion controls us and religion is used by powerful forces for their own purposes.

Behind the visible game is another much more odious and evil. The real power lies with the tiny elite who buy off the politicians, lobby to prevent or permit, manipulate our thoughts, feelings and perceptions through the media and utilise the power of religion to manipulate the population.

Our world is so controlled and we are so manipulated that it bec0omes difficult to know what to believe. We are given just enough to stop us rebelling. Every freedom and rise in our living standards had to be fought for and wrested away from the megalomaniacs who run things and want it all. Every freedom has been grudgingly given on the backs of a series of martyrs. Nothing has been achieved without a battle.

The society we live in is maintained in soporific oblivion through soap operas, game shows, sport, alcohol, drugs, Pop music and films – anything to stop us from thinking. Britain has talent – Britain has porn. Britain has the X Factor. Britain hates the French, Germans and immigrants. But I don’t hate anybody. I hate the systems that have been devised to keep us in check. I hate the cultural indoctrination that enables this shoddy, unjust system to be perpetuated. It is cruel, vicious, destructive, violent and unfair.

All I want is love, peace, respect and justice for everybody. I believe in a new positive zeitgeist. Perhaps we can find it at Opher’s World?