Optimists and Idealists unite! Let’s build a new Zeitgeist!

I’ve been through my religious period when I had faith in some underlying mystical reality, was looking for coincidences and building them up into mystical connections, was looking for underlying truths and wisdom. I was looking for meaning in life. I was looking for a universal mind. I do not believe there is one.
So if there is no god creator then the basis of all religious belief has gone.
The moral codes I find muddled and contradictory. They are usually so unclear that people can read into them what they want. People can use the texts to support war, murder and retribution as well as love, understanding, forgiveness and peace. I prefer something less open to interpretation and misuse.
The history of religions show they come and go along with all kinds of beliefs, ceremonies, religious garb and ways of grabbing the attention of the god or gods of the moment.
Our present religions will follow the same course.
I believe that history indicates that religion has done far more harm than good. It has no basis and is best replaced with a better reasoned set of values and structure for living.
I believe we can do that on a global basis. It is not just for communes or cults. We have mass media now. The world has moved on. Now is the time for idealists and optimists to set the zeitgeist. Now is the time for a new age of reason and enlightenment.
The sixties ideals can be harnessed to create a new age of freedom and respect!
Perhaps it’s time for you to stop being so cynical and join us in building that better world?
The sixties idealism was not ephemeral. It lives on in all sorts of ways and has transformed the planet. The Green Movement, Feminism and the anti-capitalist movements are but three. What made you think it was ephemeral? I have spent my career putting that fairness, equality and thinking into practice. The sixties idealism lives and continues to transform!

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