Poetry – Wonder of life

Wonder of life

Accumulation and compression

Giving light and heat.

Nuclear reaction

Dancing to the beat.

As a universe comes alive

We hear, see and touch:

Spawning life and consciousness

Without which, there isn’t much.

Straight out of the atom –

The substance of life

Pours forth into the cosmos

Until all life is rife.

Opher – 19.12.2019

I sometimes imagine a universe without life, with no eyes to see its stars, no consciousness to wonder at it.

All that majesty, all that might, all that wonder, with nobody to appreciate it.

What a waste that would be.

I cannot help thinking that it is us, all life on earth, that gives the whole universe meaning. Without us there is no-one to ponder, love and glory in its staggering scope and glory.

The universe is a wondrous place. At least we are here to appreciate that.

Poetry – All is not what it seems

All is not what it seems

All may not be as it seems

                As substance melts

                                Before the microscope,

As reality

                Becomes subjective,

As mind impacts on matter.

For all of us,


                                Might exist

In two places

                                                At the same time

And misbehave

                                                When watched.

Perhaps imagination

                Is taking

                                A central role

In modelling

                The world?

Opher – 16.12.2019

I am always amazed by the latest discoveries of science. They are much stranger than fiction, more extraordinary than any religion.

It seems that particles arrive before they leave,

                That things can exist in two places at the same time

And energy behaves differently when watched.

Forget Schrodinger’s cat! It’s dead alive!

Perhaps they will find that we shape the universe with our imaginations?

Poetry – Each Moment – a poem of marvels, glimpses and speculation.


Each Moment

I wrote the first line of this while I was watching Edwina Hayes perform in the Ship Inn. It is a philosophical poem.

We only have the moment. That is all. Our whole lives are but a glimpse at the panorama around us. We see it like a single frame of a film and yet courageously seek to work the whole plot and story.

Our optimism is truly remarkable and our achievements even more so.

For while the savage reverts are mindlessly destroying their own heritage in Palmira our fearless scientists are examining the heritage of the universe within a quark. They represent the two halves of humanity – the indoctrinated fools with blinkers and no questions and the wide-eyed enthusiasts for whom the universe is a mystery to be explored.

I have only questions and marvel to offer you!


Each Moment

Each moment is the first;

There are no rules

Only habits.

Each of us lives

In a universe

Only she inhabits.


We learn to make sense

Of the patterns

We discern

And flounder in the darkness

Of the colours

That we learn.


We follow my leader

As we grope

To understand

The universe of quarks

Is never

At our command.


We are fumbling through life

Making up

As we go along.

For a glimpse is all we have

And it

Will not last for long.


This moment has never been

And will never

Be again.

We see it for the first

Time in

This wonderful refrain.

We must live it now

For it will

Never come again.

It will never come again

The same.


Opher 1.9.2015

Awesome Wonder – The beauty and majesty of space.

More galaxies that there are grains of sand on all the beaches on the planet. Each with trillions of stars and zillions of planets. Yet all this infinite universe is probable just one of an infinite number.

Inside each of those universes the laws of physics might be slightly different creating totally different scenarios.

We are here because everything was perfect for us to be here. Nowhere else could we have happened. We live in the goldilocks universe, on the goldilocks planet. Don’t you love it?

Glory in it. It is beautiful!  Hallelujah – Science is great!  Just love it for what it is!!

galaxies galaxies-nebulae-outer-space-1059769-480x320 galaxies-outer-space-1156297-480x320 galaxy-hd-wallpapers-cool-widescreen-desktop-pictures galaxyouter%20space%20stars%20galaxies%202560x1600%20wallpaper_www_wallpaperhi_com_11 galaxies%20nasa%201600x1200%20wallpaper_www_wallpaperhi_com_65 galaxy-xray-hmed230p_grid-4x2

asteroid Opher Pete low

Isn’t that awesome? It is beyond our comprehension. We are bacterial scum on the surface on an insignificant planet, round a mundane sun, on the edge of a mediocre galaxy, in the midst of a mighty universe that is one of an infinite number.