Poetry – Wonder of life

Wonder of life

Accumulation and compression

Giving light and heat.

Nuclear reaction

Dancing to the beat.

As a universe comes alive

We hear, see and touch:

Spawning life and consciousness

Without which, there isn’t much.

Straight out of the atom –

The substance of life

Pours forth into the cosmos

Until all life is rife.

Opher – 19.12.2019

I sometimes imagine a universe without life, with no eyes to see its stars, no consciousness to wonder at it.

All that majesty, all that might, all that wonder, with nobody to appreciate it.

What a waste that would be.

I cannot help thinking that it is us, all life on earth, that gives the whole universe meaning. Without us there is no-one to ponder, love and glory in its staggering scope and glory.

The universe is a wondrous place. At least we are here to appreciate that.

Poetry – Mother and Father

Mother and Father

Mother Earth and father Sun

Givers of life.

Through electric storms

And UV light,

You transformed

Gas and clay

Into awareness.

Your heat, your light,

Your radiation;

Your rock, your silt

Your impregnation;

All leading to the fairest


Of them all;

A glory to the cosmos,

A joy to the universe.

A pair of eyes to see the mystery.

A brain to remember and question.

A mind to understand the history.

Opher – 1.11.2020

We are the greatest wonders of the universe. We see and think. We are able to perceive the majesty. We are able to absorb it and ponder on its incredible nature.

We take it for granted yet every aspect is wondrous.

We live on a planet with just the right amount of light, heat and radiation, with water, minerals and electricity. The sun and planet gave us life.